Wednesday 21 March 2012

Peppa Pig My First Laptop review

When an email arrived asking if we'd like to review one of the new range of electronic Peppa Pig educational toys, I didn't have to go any further than the subject line. 2-year-old Pierre is a huge Peppa Pig fan so I already knew it would get a warm reception, whatever it was ! Soon afterwards, a Peppa Pig My First Laptop was delivered.

Before it was even out of the box, Pierre was having great fun with it ... as was the visiting Madhouse Grandad !

It is designed for children aged 24 months – 5 years so Pierre, who will be 3 this summer, is right in the target age range. I gave it to him to get on with by himself at first to see what he would make of it without any help or guidance from me.

Well, the photos say it all ! He started pushing buttons and getting incredibly excited when he managed to make it make noises or say things, even without really trying to play the games properly !

He was having so much fun, I didn't intervene, even if he wasn't really playing it properly, and he played for absolutely ages, closing it up and using the carry handle to take it over to his potty so that he could continue playing while sitting on the potty ! This transportable aspect is great as it makes a self-contained unit that can easily be taken in the car, to the doctor's waiting room or to the childminder's with no risk of small parts being lost or the toy being damaged.

When the novelty value wears off, I'll show him how to play with it properly, using the four game modes to learn colours, numbers, the alphabet and vocabulary as well as play music. You have a choice of "discovery" mode, where you press the different buttons to hear words, two different quiz modes (simple and advanced) where you have to find the right colour, letter or number in answer to questions and finally music mode, where you can make some quite satisfying (albeit tuneless !) music by pushing the different buttons.

For the moment, Pierre is happy enough just pushing random buttons and watching it light up and talk to him! It's great to have a toy that will grow with him once he starts at school in September and takes more of an interest in using it as a learning tool. That said, the options are limited to just a few letters, colours and numbers so it is more of a toy than a real educational aid.

It's been dropped on the floor a few times and suffered no damage so it's pretty robust. It's also great to see that the batteries are included, which is always a huge plus point in my opinion.

star rating : 4/5

RRP £19.99

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  1. Start them young.

  2. My little girl absolutely loves Peppa Pig and loves all toys associated with Peppa! Having read your review of this I will think that I will definitely be buying this for her!

  3. my son loves peppa so this would def be a hit in my house!

  4. This looks great, my youngest is obsessed with peppa pig, this might be one for his birthday coming up, thanks.

  5. this looks fantastic my little one would love this :) x


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