Tuesday 13 March 2012

CLIC Sargent Yummy Mummy Mojo Jewellery from Scarlett review

I've recently been highlighting some of the pocket money-priced Mother's day gifts that your kids can buy for you using their own carefully saved pennies, but what about if your partner wants to buy you something really special to mark the occasion, in your child's name ? Well, I have the perfect range to tell you about for that too and, even better, it will help a fabulous charity.

Scarlett Jewellery is proud to be actively supporting Yummy Mummy Week - a fundraising campaign run by CLIC Sargent for Mums to raise money for children with cancer and their families. Between 18th February and Mothers Day on 18th March 2012, Scarlett will be donating 15% of the sales price from all pieces on their Yummy Mummy page to CLIC Sargent.

They kindly sent me through one of their Yummy Mummy Mojo Bracelets to review and I have to say, it's gorgeous. It's a silver spiga chain bracelet, which is 7.5 inches in length, therefore fitting an adult. It makes me smile every time I look at it because the words Yummy Mummy on the mojo (the little ring that slots on to the bracelet or necklace) are written in a childlike style of writing so it always seems like a message coming directly from the kids. It costs £78 so it's certainly not cheap, but it's a bit like a grown-up version of a charm bracelet because you can buy additional mojos to add to the bracelet over time. If you never know what to ask for for Christmas and birthdays, it's therefore a great gift because it will mean less of a headache for your partner every time he wants to buy you a special gift !

You may prefer the chunkier Yummy Mummy Cuff Bangle (£118) which has a hinged catch to allow you to add as many mojos as you want - it comes empty with no mojos so if you want the Yummy Mummy mojo that you can see in the picture, you'll need to buy it separately. Alternatively, there is a solid silver Mojo bangle (£75) with a free moving Yummy Mummy mojo in your choice of silver or, if you're prepared to pay an extra £70, solid 9ct gold.

There are also several styles of Mojo necklace available, which would be ideal if you want to keep your special message jewellery close to your heart and discreetly out of sight, although you could just as easily wear it outside of your clothes so everyone can see it. I'd opt for the latter because I guarantee other mums will be oohing and aahing wherever you go !

There are many other mojos available to keep your Yummy Mummy mojo company, ranging from the cute "Slugs and Snails" to the inspirational "Believe and Dream" to the downright cheeky "Bollox" ! There are some very romantic ones ("Be Mine", "Truly Madly Deeply" and "Heaven Sent") and some girl-power/BFF ones ("Best Friends", "Soul Sisters" or "In Vino Veritas"). As a Sussex girl, I love the "Brighton rocks" and "Hove actually" ones too ! (silver mojos £29, gold mojos £99).

Combining the different mojos on one piece of jewellery allows you to create a really personal message, as well as representing the multi-faceted personality of your loved one. The combination to represent my personality would have to be "Older & Wiser", "Ray of Sunshine" and "Live Love Laugh". "Yummy Mummy" sounds like a very good place to start though, thank you !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £78 for the bracelet I received, see the individual items for other prices

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