Tuesday 27 March 2012

Build a Bear Friendship Hearts series review

Ever since we were given the opportunity of going to the Brighton Build A Bear Workshop for the kids to create their very own cuddly friends, all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers have been huge Build A Bear fans, buying extra clothes and accessories with their pocket money and also playing in the Build a Bearville online game. It was therefore a no-brainer when we were asked if we'd like to review their new Friendship Hearts series. Shortly afterwards, we received two boxes, one containing a bear and one a rabbit.

Sophie got to work with the rabbit and emptied out the contents of the box. As well as the little furry friend, you get a little Tshirt with some fabric stickers to customise it, a Friendship heart to put inside your toy, an online code for unlocking gifts on Bearville.com and 3 trading cards. That's a sneaky but nevertheless very effective way of trying to get kids to buy all 12 of the mini Friendship Hearts toys !

 The Friendship Heart series comes with one of six colourful hearts that each has a special meaning . You can fill your Furry Friend with Love (red), Strength (green), Courage (purple), Happiness (yellow), Dreams (blue), or Honesty (orange). We got a yellow Happiness one. The special Build A Bear Workshop Heart Ceremony (that I told you about on our review of our instore trip) is included so that you can - as they say - bring your Furry Friend to life

Each Friendship Hearts pack only costs £5.99 so it is ideal for kids to spend their pocket money on, especially if you look out for promotional vouchers (which you often get when you make a purchase). You can also buy a special Friendship Hearts Gift Tin for £14.99, which includes: a Heart Shaped Tin with Handle, a Mini Furry Friend, Me and My BFF (best furry friend) necklaces, Deluxe Dress, Accessories, bow and flower, Friendship Heart and Ceremony, Trading Cards, Collector’s guide with Activities, Online Code (that allows you access to special interactive content at www.bearville.com) and an Owner’s Certificate.

If you're looking for alternatives to chocolate eggs for Easter, the Friendship Hearts packs are perfectly priced and are guaranteed to put a smile on your kids' faces. The girls are already asking if they can buy some more with their pocket money !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.99

for more information : http://www.buildabear.co.uk

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  1. this seems like a great alternative to buying a chocolate egg and priced reasonable. i have made a note to look for one in the morning when more awake :)

  2. we love build a bear so expensive though

  3. Have been looking at these for awhile, thanks for the review, will now go out and buy one and try with little Grace.

  4. My children love build a bear and I'd much sooner buy these for Easter than a chocolate egg.

  5. I love Build A Bear and these sound like a great alternative to easter eggs, as the kids seem to get so many this would make a nice change

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