Saturday 24 March 2012

Giveaway #178 : win one of five chocoholic cure Slimpods - closing date 30/3

THE run up to Easter is such a hard time for anyone who finds chocolate impossible to resist because the shops are full of Easter eggs and boxes of chocolates.

Imagine how great it would be to be able to say No to chocolate and break the bad eating habit that’s so hard to control.
Help’s here! I’ve teamed up with Harley Street weight loss specialists Thinking Slimmer to offer you the chance to win a free Chocoholic Cure Slimpod.

A Slimpod is a special recording you listen to for 10 minutes before you go to bed each night and while you sleep it gently retunes your mind to have a new relationship to food and healthy eating. If you're rolling your eyes and thinking yeah yeah, pull the other one, it's got bells on then I should point out that that was exactly my reaction when I was offered the chance to try out their "Drop Two Jeans Sizes Or More" Slimpod. I thought there was absolutely no way it could possibly work ... but I've lost over a stone already !!

Slimpod users (including me !!) have reported remarkable results. Chocolate addict Lauren Goodchild, 24, from Plymouth, says: “I was spending at least £5 a day on chocolate and finding it impossible to lose any of the weight I’d put on during pregnancy.

“After about 10 days of listening to the Chocoholic Cure I realised I hadn’t eaten any chocolate for a couple of days.

“I’d had a bag of my favourite M&Ms in my bedroom that had been there untouched for over 24 hours. That was unheard of.

“I’m finding my eating habits are changing dramatically and I no longer spend my days grazing on crisp, biscuits and all the other yummy goodies in the cupboards.

“Now I reach for an apple or a glass of water. I can’t believe how I’ve stopped my craving for chocolate almost overnight.”

Harley Street cognitive hypnotherapist Sandra Roycroft-Davis, founder of Thinking Slimmer, says:  “For some people the problem starts in childhood with parents using chocolate as a reward - or even a bribe - for good behaviour.
“For others, eating chocolate is a habit that has formed in adulthood and has become so ingrained that they feel willpower alone is not enough for them to be able to say No.
“Finally we’ve found a way to help them that does not require willpower.”
To enter this free competition answer this simple question:
How long does a Slimpod take each evening?

Please email your answer and the name of the blog (that's Madhouse Family Reviews)  on which you saw the competition to with the subject "Blogger Competition" by 11:59pm on Friday 30th March.

  for more information :
Slimpods cost £29.99 and are available as MP3 downloads or on CD. You can find out more and read case histories at

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  1. Wow if that could stop me from craving chocolate it would be a miracle!
    Thanks for running the comp

  2. Entered! Thank you muchly :)

  3. If the winner of this would like to forward all their chocolate to me I'd be happy to dispose of it in an environmentally friendly way!

  4. My mom was the best slimpod for me. Besides, she has an additional package for reading me wonderful stories before going to sleep. My mother knows the best!

  5. OMG I need a slimpod - what a great comp. x x


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