Friday 9 March 2012

Schwartz review #14 : Tray-baked piri-piri chicken Recipe Inspirations kit

Well, after the resoundingly successful Creamy Pan-Fried Pork with Apple & Sage that we knocked up last week using a Recipe Inspirations kit from Schwartz (and that I blogged about here), I decided to try out one of the other spice packs yesterday, settling on Tray-baked piri-piri chicken.

The pack tells you that you need a red pepper, a yellow pepper, a red onion, lemon juice, an orange and a pack of 8 chicken thighs. Rummaging around in the Madhouse fridge and cupboards, I came up with a green pepper, two normal onions, lemon juice and 6 chicken thighs. No oranges, and although I debated trying it with a satsuma instead, I eventually decided to just leave that bit out altogether.

First job was to chop up the peppers and onions, drizzle with oil and toss with the contents of the first bubble, ground coriander, then transfer them to an ovenproof dish.

The five other spices - Coriander leaf, Garlic Granules, Paprika,  Crushed Chillies and Lemon Pepper - all come in to play now.

They need blending with oil andlemon juice to make a smooth paste which needs smearing all over the chicken thighs.

I did three Piri-Piri covered chicken thighs and three non-spicy ones, because the kids aren't overly keen on spicy food. I wouldn't have had enough to cover more than three thighs anyway - certainly not the eight they suggest in the recipe - so maybe I put it on too thickly. You're supposed to toss it in the spices, whereas I smeared the thick paste all over both sides.

You place the chicken thighs on the peppers and onions and put the whole lot in the oven for 45 minutes. This is where you're supposed to squeeze the orange wedges over the chicken and add them to the tray but we didn't bother, I just squirted a bit more lemon juice on.

Lovely served with mash or rice, with slight heat but nothing too fiery. I still love the way the little bubbles of spices take all the guesswork out and avoid filling up your cupboard with spices you'll never use, but I again found the plastic backing very difficult to peel off the bubbles.

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  1. This is such a useful product, i've been waiting to read a review to see if it is any good! At least I would have some space in my sauce cupboard again without the addition of about 10 different spices! :)

  2. I've seen these in the supermarket but havnt tried them yet. Off to add to my shopping list! Thanks

  3. my daughter and I have just discoverd peri peri chicken so this sounds worth a try, thanks x

  4. I decided to use this for me and my partner. I was so suprised how amazing it was, i used chicken breast and served with butter roasted potatoes and some sweet petit pois, delicious and will deffo try again!! :)


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