Sunday 18 March 2012

Jenny Craig week 5

Back to work after a fortnight off and back to another full week on the Jenny Craig diet food (as far as possible) - my final one as I'm reaching the end of my month's trial hamper - so I was keen to give it a real push, do it all properly and see if I can shift another pound or two this week.

This week's food choices :


breakfast - glass of orange juice

lunch - raclette, salad (see Raclette blogpost here - definitely not diet-friendly, but I did a big salad to go with it and fill up my plate !)

dinner - homemade vegetable soup


breakfast - no

lunch - Jenny Craig Tuna Mediterranean style pasta salad - I have to admit that I was getting bored of eating these every day at work but after a fortnight off, I really enjoyed eating this again.

dinner - Jenny Craig chicken curry with chunky potatoes, Asian style vegetables, yogurt, grapefruit. Totally yum.


breakfast - no

lunch - Jenny Craig Salmon and Durum wheat salad - there haven't been many things in the Jenny Craig hamper that I haven't liked but this is one of them. I did eat it but I didn't enjoy it. The salmon is ok and the Durum wheat is ok but it has a nasty vinegary taste. Looking around online, I'm not the only one to say I wasn't keen on this one so you might want to avoid it when choosing your food options !

dinner - Jenny Craig Thai chicken curry and Basmati rice - Very nice but I have to admit, I am getting a bit bored of curry now because it's all starting to feel a bit samey.


breakfast - no

lunch -beefburger, Mexican-style vegetables

dinner - Jenny Craig ham and pea soup - This didn't look very appetising with a murky greeny brown colour, it tasted ok but wasn't my favourite Jenny Craig meal.

breakfast - no

lunch -school canteen (mackerel and tomato salad, pasta & pork chop, orange)

dinner - vegetables (cauliflower, leeks, carrots, potatoes) in cheese sauce


breakfast - no

lunch -school canteen (coleslaw, fish and rice, yogurt)

dinner - Jenny Craig pasta bolognese with red wine. I found that the taste of the red wine was totally overpowering and spoiled the taste of the sauce so I only ate half of it. (You can tell from this week's write-ups that I left all the things that appealed to me the least until the end !)


breakfast - no

lunch -salad at McDonalds

dinner - homemade vegetable soup

So, for the final weigh-in this morning ... 83.4kg. Absolutely no change since last week but I think it's that time of the month again. That's still a loss of almost 3kg for the month which isn't bad at all, considering that I haven't felt hungry at all.

The plus points of Jenny Craig are the total convenience, taste and texture of the food (you don't feel like you're on a diet AT ALL) and the huge amount of snacks and free foods that you can incorporate so you could eat all day long if you wanted to ! The downsides are the anti-social aspect, when you're constantly eating something different to the rest of the family, and the fact that it gets disheartening constantly eating things out of identical sachets because it feels like you're eating the same thing over and over again even when you're not, just because of the packaging. I'd definitely recommend it though. I was dubious before starting, expecting tiny portions, watery soup and bland meals but - as you've seen from the photos - that's not the case at all.

It's still on special offer at half price too so now would be the perfect time to give it a go if you're tempted.

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  1. have to agree with the anti social aspect, wouldnt like to eat a different meal from the rest of the family every night!

  2. you would do yourself more of a favour if you ate something for breakfast, even if you grabbed a belvita biscuit or a nutrigrain bar on the bus, kick start your metabolism in a morning

  3. You're totally right about the breakfasts. I had made a concerted effort to eat something in the morning but this week was the first week back after a fortnight off and getting all of us back into the morning routine has meant it's all been a mad rush with no time to eat properly (for me, not the kids!) I do have a quick glass of orange juice but will try to get back into good habits again. :)

  4. eating different food would not affect our family as we do this already (i'm veggie and hubby works silly hours). will have to look into it. @jessws2011

  5. These meals look nice. I think I might give this diet a go myself.


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