Sunday 18 March 2012

Clintons Mums' Words of Wisdom campaign

Make sure you scroll down to the list of Mums' Words of Wisdom - it made me smile because I say at least a quarter of them, and I'm sure I'll say even more of them as the kids get older. Another couple that I'm surprised aren't on there are "Sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you" and "waste not want not". Then there's my favourite saying from my nan - "where do you think you are ? Butlins?" whenever someone wasn't pulling their weight ! Oh and "pull the other one, it's got bells on" !


According to a new survey, the average mother will pass on 41 ‘pearls of wisdom’ to her children, it was revealed yesterday.

The findings emerged in a study of 2,000 people by Clintons, as part of its Mother’s Day ‘Words of Wisdom’ campaign, and shows kids always remember the advice their mums pass down.

Jessica Wright, TOWIE starlet said: “Growing up I received advice from a number of people, but it’s the little things that I’ve been told by my mum that I remember and value the most, after all ‘Mum knows best’.

Being close to my mum, she’s the first person I turn to for advice and she’ shared a number of her pearls of wisdom with me over the years.

The one that I remember the most and remind myself of every day is ‘Always keep your dignity and remain a lady’.”

In support of the campaign to celebrate all those words of wisdom mums have passed down to us over the years, Jessica and mum Carol feature in an emotive and inspiring video collection of children sharing their mums most memorable pieces of advice. The video acts as a tribute to all those mums whose advice we hold most dear and to inspire people to think of all those times Mum has known what to do or say.

The survey goes on to reveal that the most commonly heard tips include “Always try your best” and “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”.

Mums are also likely to encourage their children to do well in life, by advising them to “get an education – no-one can take that away from you” and “you only get out of life what you put into it”.

And most importantly, mums want their kids to look on the bright side – always telling them to “smile” and claiming “life’s too short to be unhappy”.

In fact, mum’s advice is so precious seven in 10 adults regularly repeat her pearls of wisdom to their own children and 48 per cent of respondents continue to think their mums offer the best advice despite being all grown up.

Carol Wright, TOWIE mum of four, said: “Even as adults we continue to go back to mum for her wisdom and advice on daily scenarios.

Since becoming a mum myself, Nanny Pat would always say ‘Enjoy every moment with your children, they grow up too quickly’. This piece of advice might be small, but it couldn’t be truer.”

The survey shows mums regularly display prudence when it comes to food – with some of her more memorable tips including “never take sweets from strangers”, “never swim on a full stomach”, “always eat breakfast” and “don’t eat cheese before bedtime”.

Good manners cost nothing according to the nation’s mums, who regularly tell their young to “eat with your mouth closed”, “never stare at people” and to “mind your p’s and q’s”.

Other words of wisdom mums give to encourage good etiquette include “treat people with respect”, “treat others how you wish to be treated yourself” and “manners maketh the man”.

Mums also try to be encouraging towards their offspring, saying things like “there’s no such word as ‘can’t’”, “practice makes perfect” and “look up things you don’t know the answer to”.

According to mums, common sense goes a long way and many try to get their children to prepare for the unexpected – by “keeping a blanket in the car boot”, “always carry an umbrella” and “never let your petrol tank go lower than a quarter full”.

Two thirds of people often catch themselves mid-sentence and think “I sound like my mum” and 43 per cent often think they are turning into their mums.

But more than three quarters of those people who have their own children hope these ‘pearls of wisdom’ continue to be remembered and pass on to future generations.

  1. Always try your best
  2. If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all
  3. Get an education – no-one can take that away from you
  4. Eat with your mouth closed
  5. If you don’t ask you don’t get
  6. Never spend money you don’t have
  7. Never take sweets from strangers
  8. Smile
  9. Never swim on a full stomach
  10. Treat people with respect
  11. Always wear clean underwear
  12. You never get something for nothing
  13. I want never gets
  14. Put money aside for a rainy day
  15. Treat others how you wish to be treated yourself
  16. There’s no such word as ‘can’t’
  17. Practise makes perfect
  18. Mind your p’s and q’s
  19. Never stare at people it’s rude
  20. Watching too much TV will make your eyes go square
  21. Mum knows best
  22. Look after your pennies and the pennies will look after you
  23. Be true to yourself
  24. Always eat your breakfast
  25. You only get out of life what you put into it
  26. Never drink on an empty stomach
  27. Courtesy and compassion cost nothing
  28. Never leave the house with wet hair
  29. Look up things you don’t know the answer to
  30. Never go to bed on an argument
  31. Receive compliments gracefully
  32. Life’s too short to be unhappy
  33. Don’t eat cheese before bedtime
  34. Always hold the door open
  35. Never give up
  36. Manners maketh the man
  37. The grass is never greener
  38. Give compliments easily
  39. Never offer lifts to strangers
  40. Always have two months’ rent / mortgage saved
  41. Men are very different creatures to women
  42. Don’t eat in the street
  43. Always moisturise before bedtime
  44. Always use your ears
  45. Always keep a blanket in the car boot
  46. Your friends are forever but men come and go
  47. Never let your petrol tank go lower than a quarter full
  48. The couple that plays together stays together
  49. Set your watch two minutes fast
  50. Always carry an umbrella with you


  1. Say lots of these already and I am sure there are a lot of them i will say when the kids are a bit older too!

  2. The one I would never say is "Don't eat cheese before bedtime" - don't see the point here!


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