Wednesday 14 March 2012

Ravensburger Big Ben 3D Puzzle review

I've already reviewed a few Ravensburger puzzles here on my blog and each time, I've been impressed by the quality. The pieces are solid and well cut, with no ripped corners, partly uncut pieces or rough edges, as you often get with cheaper puzzles. Well, this high quality really came into its own with the latest puzzle they sent us to try - a fabulous three dimensional puzzle of Big Ben.

My sister Emily rose to the challenge and took on the role of guest reviewer for the day. It took her all afternoon but, I'm sure you'll agree, all that hard work was well worth it - it looks fabulous !

The different pieces are numbered but the numbers could have done with being a bit bigger as some of them were a bit hard to read. The pieces were simple to assemble though and once it's constructed, it's surprisingly sturdy. It's quite easy to move without it falling apart and it looks so amazing, with incredible attention to detail, that it will undoubtedly end up on show on a shelf.

One thing that I would have loved to see is a little information booklet or sheet about the monument included in the box, just to increase the educational value of the puzzle. It's great fun though and would make a fabulous souvenir if you've visited Big Ben.

The puzzle is made up of 216 pieces and the finished model is about 40cm high. The pieces are made of plastic so they are more resilient than cardboard puzzles, which is great news if you leave them out on show as you'll be able to dust it or wipe it clean. The pieces slot together really precisely, with flat, curved and hinged pieces, and they make an impressively smooth surface.

There are also other monuments available in the 3d puzzle range, including the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower and a red and white lighthouse. I'll be keeping an eye open to see if they come up with any more though. Tower Bridge and the Brandenburg Gate should be released later in the year too.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £19.99

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  1. I remember doing a 3d puzzle of Big Ben years ago, it was a different company, cant remember the name, but it gave me an afternoon of fun. Its nice to see these 3d puzzles are still going, may just have to look into what other ones there are.

  2. wow I didn't realize they look so good when finished.

  3. I love a good standard jigsaw but these 3d ones really take them to a different level.

  4. I'm always so impressed by these 3D jigsaw puzzles. My Mother-in-Law loves a good jigsaw and we all get drawn into helping her out with them when we go round.

  5. for me it was very nice to assemble, but it was not like verry puzzling, more like building. The time needed tot assemble was too short according to me. It was my first 3D building, many years ago I made a Ravensburger 3D ball which was a bit more challinging.


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