Sunday 25 March 2012

Thomas the Tank Engine Bathtime Products review

 Bathtime and Thomas the Tank Engine are two of Pierre's favourite things so when we were sent through a selection of Thomas bathtime products to review, I knew he'd be over the moon. We received 3D moulded Bath Soap Crayons, a Magic Facecloth and Fizzer Set and a Thomas Bath Buddy.

Before they were even out of the pack, Pierre was very intrigued and kept saying "Look !" and excitedly showing them to everyone in the room !

The Bathtime Buddy toy got lots of cuddles and was played with as a cuddly toy before I took Pierre to the sink and showed him that it could also be used as a sponge !

Well, Pierre loved the idea of having Thomas in the bath with him ! Initially, he didn't want to put him in the water but when I told him it was OK, he soon got to grips with giving Thomas a bath and - ahem ! - making him do a wee ! The toy stays quite firm and doesn't feel very soft or spongy so it's more for playing with than using to wash with. That said, it was perfect for cleaning the bath crayon marks off the bath !


 Next up was the Bath Fizzer and Magic Facecloth Set. The kids are quite used to using bath fizzers because I kindly let them share my Lush bath ballistics so they knew exactly what to expect. It gave a satisfying fizz which made Pierre go "oooh" and promptly turned the water bright blue - the same colour as Thomas, as Juliette quite rightly pointed out ! - which was quite unexpected and which the kids loved ! It didn't have any fragrance at all, which I thought was a shame, especially as reading the label, it was supposed to be fruity-fragranced. Maybe I'm just used to the bold, brash Lush fragrances so I didn't pick up on the delicate fruity perfume ? It dissolved perfectly in a very short amount of time.


Now, Pierre had never seen the Magic Facecloths before so he had no idea what it was when I showed him the compact puck-shaped wad of material.

I told him to put it in the water and see what happened and he was very impressed when - with a bit of help from Juliette - it swelled up into a soft, vibrant Thomas the Tank Engine flannel !

As expected, the biggest attraction was the bath crayons, which are great fun because they can be used on the bath or tiles but also on your kids' bodies. These ones are moulded so they represent Thomas, James, Percy & an "all aboard" sign.

The colours weren't very bright but once they'd been soaked in the water for a while, they started working quite well. Juliette showed me that they started melting on her hand - and you can see from how wrinkly her fingers are that they'd been playing in the bath for ages !! You can see that she's drawn all over her face (not to mention Pierre's back and tummy !) too.

Cue one happy-looking and scribbled-on little boy ! The bath crayon marks wash off skin and bath very quickly and easily so you can let your kids really go for it with no worries !

I asked Pierre and Juliette what they thought of the bath products and they both cheered ! OK, enough said, I think !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Bath crayons £3, Face cloth & fizzer set £3, Bath Buddy £5

All available in Boots

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  1. Looks like they had great fun - kids are cute :-)


  2. I had some of those bath type crayons as a child, purchased from a market stall. It took mum months to try and get it off the wall (No tiles you see!) and in the end had to re decorate to get rid of the 'I <3 Brother beyond' message i had dawbed scaling the wall - Eep.

    Lovely review, they had alot of fun ^^ Products look fab too.

  3. Gorgeous bath products, I loved Thomas the Tank Engine as a child.

  4. I loved Thomas the Tank Engine as a child.

    1. oops, got an error message the first time I submitted the post.

  5. My son would love these...and so would my husband!

  6. My Son loves Thomas the tank too!

  7. karen hutchinson27 March 2012 at 12:57

    my little boy loves bathtime and thomas so these look great


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