Tuesday 13 March 2012

Free app for women : My pff

Now, excuse me for being juvenile but I was already giggling before I got past the first line of this press release that popped in my inbox for a new free women's health app. My pff ? It sounds like a fart ! But no, it stands for Pelvic Floor Fitness. Dubbed "the one exercise that no woman should skip", it's been created by Tena who must surely know a thing or two about being the BFF of your pff ! Read on for more information :


Waiting for the bus. Making a cup of tea. Standing at the bar. We all know we should be doing our pelvic floor exercises, but how, why and when?

Every woman has a pelvic floor, but a lack of targeted exercise along with pregnancy and childbirth can weaken it. 
That’s why lights by TENA have launched a brand NEW iPhone and Android app called ‘my pff’ – my pelvic floor fitness. Discreet and informative, it will expertly guide you through when, where and how to do your pelvic floor exercises without anyone else needing to know. 
One in every two women will experience light bladder weakness. It is perfectly normal, is triggered by the simplest things and what’s more, it can happen to women of all ages. For 61 per cent of women these little leaks occur when sneezing or coughing, while a third of women find it happens when they laugh and a quarter of women experience it during exercise.

The benefits of a strong, toned pelvic floor are numerous. Not only will your confidence increase 10-fold, you can go for a run or explode into a fit of the giggles without worrying about those little oooops moments. It can even improve your sex life – a toned pelvic floor will heighten your sensitivity during sex, making the elusive Big O much more likely.

Pelvic floor exercises are the key to maintaining control, tone and strength. They are simple to complete and can be done just about anywhere, anytime and without anyone knowing. 
my pff’ is the perfect application to guide women through their pelvic floor training. The free app reminds women when and how to do their exercises, has video classes, frequently asked questions and tracks each user’s progress. 
Qualified pilates instructor and member of the Guild of Pregnancy and Postnatal Exercise Professionals Liza Webb says: “All women should do pelvic floor exercises every day. As a woman you have three holes in your pelvic floor, compared to men who only have two. This is why we often have a weaker pelvic floor and experience those little leaks. Also if you have ever been pregnant your baby will have challenged the strength of the muscle. This app will make sure you incorporate a targeted workout into your daily routine.” 
In the meantime, as women rebuild their pelvic strength, lights by TENA is a fresh modern solution. The range of four liners and a towel with wings is ultra-thin, comfortable and much more absorbent than ordinary liners – making them the best product for women who experience light bladder weakness. 
lights by TENA marketing manager Charlotte Gorringe-Serrano says: “We want women to feel great every day and looking after your pelvic floor health is part of that. With ‘my pff’ and lights by TENA, women have the solution to light bladder weakness at their fingertips – they can get on with their day, feeling comfortable, confident and fabulous.”

For more information and to download ‘my pff’ visit –

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  1. I'm guilty of forgetting to do them! Will have to download the app and see how I get on with it. Thanks


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