Saturday 31 March 2012

Easter treats from Aldi review

When we received a hamper of Aldi products to review at Christmas (that I told you about here), we were all very impressed by the really high quality of the products as well as the low prices. I was therefore keen to see what we would receive when they sent us through a hamper of their Easter-themed goodies. 

When it arrived, I was impressed to discover a selection of own-brand products but also big-name brands, especially when I looked through the enclosed information sheets and checked out the prices.

First up, on the left in the top picture, you can see the 350g Choceur Milk Chocolate Flame Egg. We'd already tried and been very impressed with Aldi's own-brand Choceur chocolate. In my earlier review of Choceur Belgian Milk Chocolate, I said that we found it as good as the big brands at a fraction of the price. Well, this Choceur egg follows the trend because, despite the luxurious-looking packaging, the beautiful creaminess of the chocolate and the selection of milk and white chocolates inside, it only costs a very reasonable £2.99. That certainly won't break the bank !

Sticking with the Choceur, we moved on to the Mini Marzipan eggs. Now, I wasn't sure about these because I sometimes find marzipan a bit bitter but once I'd unwrapped one and popped it in my mouth, I was won over. The delicate flavour of the marzipan and the chocolate, whether milk or dark, really work well together and these ended up being my favourites, which surprised me. A 200g bag costs £1.49. There are also bigger 100g Chocoeur Marzipan eggs in three varieties - classic marzipan, rum & raisin and hazelnut praline - costing a measly 69p.

Moving on to the Dairyfine Milk Chocolate Eggs, I thought these were bog standard mini eggs but in fact they have popping candy in them, much to the Madhouse Mini-testers delight ! They come in two flavours - strawberry and milk cream - and a big 180g bag, perfect for Easter egg hunts, costs £1.89.

Also perfect for Easter egg hunts are the Dairyfine mini bunnies and eggs, at 59p for 70g or 90g respectively. There are also Choceur Filled Mini Eggs with five different fillings - almond, cocoa mousse, hazelnut, strawberry and vanilla (£1.89 for 280g), Dairyfine Easter Treasures - either hollow or solid chocolate - shaped as chicks, lambs, bunnies and eggs (99p for 100g) or - for something a bit different - rabbit-shaped Dominion Easter Marshmallows (99p for 225g).

The Madhouse Mini-testers totally fell in love with the Dairyfine Beanie Bunnie (in blue) which is filled with Smartie-like sweets (99p for 100g) and the Choceur Chocolate Bunny, which looks remarkably like a Lindt bunny in all respects except the 99p price tag !

But it's not all chocolate. I was surprised to learn that Haribo have also launched a new range of sweets called Animix which is available exclusively in Aldi. The range includes Jolly Jungle, Fizzy Sea World and Farmyard Friends, all of which were declared totally delicious and moreish by the Madhouse Mini-testers (ahem - and the grown-ups, once they'd gone to bed !). They are free of artificial colours, cost 89p for a big value 225g bag and the good news is, once all the Easter products that I mentioned above have been cleared from the shelves, these will still be there as they're part of the new permanent range that will be available all year round.

star rating : 5/5

RRP : from 69p, see individual prices in the review

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  1. I never go to Aldi - perhaps I should (5/5 review)!

    1. You really can't beat the "rapport qualité-prix" - they're as good as the big brands but at a fraction of the price so definitely worth a look.

  2. Thanks for this - I had been seriously considering getting my Easter eggs from Aldi but wasn't sure as I don't know anyone who has tried them! Might even try the marzipan ones for me :) @pipersky1

  3. Aldis rock, they do a chocolate called spirals very similiar to Bueno about same price but fingers are shorter and fatter and individually wrapped. Whereas bueno comes in 2. I thinjk i prefer Aldis but both are too nice

  4. Thanks for the review. I have been thinking about a small table gift for each member of the family for Easter Sunday - I have just found it!

  5. Usually pop into Aldi once a fortnight. I will have to have a look out for the Haribo mix you mentioned, not seen or heard of those before.

  6. We don't have an Aldi where I live but there is one not too far from my parents house so when I go and see them I sometimes pop in there and end up coming out with loads and hardly spending any money! I really wish we had one nearer as I would shop in there alot.

  7. These are great value cant believe the price and they look so cute as well,Think i will take a trip down to our local aldi and check out their easter range
    Thanks x

  8. aldi's chocolate is amazing, so is lidl :) xx

  9. ooh I can't wait to try the gold bunnies, I wonder if they are as delicious as Lindt?!

  10. These look great. My kids had several Bunnies for Easter - and I haven't had any complaints.

  11. I just like all chocolate and sweets I'm a fatty


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