Friday 9 March 2012

Alamay Kids Hand & Face Wash review

I can't actually remember which one it was but there used to be a bank whose advertising slogan was that they were "the bank who likes to say yes". Well, Alamay are the skincare brand who like to say no. On their website, their promise contains a whole lot of no's in fact : No PARABENS, No PETROLEUM, No SODIUM LAURETH, No SODIUM LAUREL SULPHATE (SLS), No PHTHALATES, No ARTIFICIAL COLOURANTS, No SYNTHETIC FRAGRANCE, No PETROCHEMICALS, No HARSH DETERGENTS, No TOXIC INGREDIENTS, No ANIMAL TESTING. If that's still not enough, their products are cruelty free, vegan and made in the UK.

They sent me through one of the products from their kids range : the Hand & Face Wash. I immediately loved the handy pump dispenser, which is always easier for young children to use and creates less mess. The pump only dispenses a small amount each time but it's enough for washing your hands. It creates a light mousse but not a huge amount of bubbles.

The label proclaims that it is vanilla and lavender scented but, although the ingredients list does indeed  contain lavender oil and vanilla extract, I couldn't actually detect them. It smelt of olive oil to me - the label says that it is enriched with natural olive oil too - which is not at all unpleasant and actually seems very pure and nourishing.

There is a warning on the back which says you shouldn't use it near eyes and that it should be kept away from children, which made me smile as it's a hand and face wash aimed at kids !

At £8 for 250ml, it's certainly not cheap and, having seen the amount of product Juliette manages to waste in the sink when she washes her hands because she manages to miss them every time she uses the pump, I certainly wouldn't buy it all the time, but for a gentle, pure product that leaves you with soft, moisturised skin, it's perfect. For a product aimed at children, I would prefer a stronger fragrance though.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £8 for 250ml

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  1. sounds lovely but i have the same problem with my twins missing every pump so we just buy cheap stuff at min :D

  2. sounds nice but have to agree that my kids waste so much down the sink that dont think it would be something i would buy !


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