Thursday 15 March 2012

New Year's Resolutions Update & Thinking Slimmer Slimpod Discount Codes

You probably remember back at the beginning of January, I did three blogposts about the three steps of my mission to finally shift the baby weight, using the Thinking Slimmer SlimPod, the MuTu System and Jenny Craig. Well, you may be wondering how it's all been going so I thought I'd give you a bit of an update.

Thinking Slimmer SlimPod - I came to this as an absolute sceptic back in October, convinced that listening to a 10-minute mp3 once a day, even falling asleep while doing so if you want to, couldn't possibly have the slightest effect on your eating habits or help you lose weight and, if I'm honest, quite looking forward to writing some scathing blogposts saying how it was all a load of old tosh. Then I started going off diet coke and chocolate, getting strange urges to run around in the park with the kids and ... eeek ... actually losing weight ! I lost 5kg in three months before adding in the MuTu System and Jenny Craig so that can only be down to the SlimPod, and I've lost another 3kg since, so a grand total of over a stone. I haven't actually listened to the SlimPod for weeks but I think I might start again, listening to the Keep Losing Weight SlimPod that came in the Lose 2 Jeans Sizes or More mp3 package. I still don't see how it could work but have to face facts and say that it undoubtedly does ! Once you've listened to it for 21 days on the trot, the effects are long-lasting even if you stop listening to it regularly. (Scroll to the bottom for some fab discount codes, if you want to give it a go yourself.)

MuTu System - I did this totally seriously for the first month or so then got a bit overwhelmed with everything going on at home/work and have kind of fallen off the MuTu System wagon at the moment. It's a 12-week programme to help you lose your mummy tummy and sort out the damage that your pregnancies may have caused and, I have to say, I think it was working. My stomach definitely feels tighter (I'm not talking wobbly tums, I'm talking core muscles !) and - even if I say I've dropped out - I'm still doing the basic core movements because you can do them while cooking dinner, standing at the bus stop or queueing at the bank ! I've been following the food and positive outlook advice too so I haven't totally failed. I am determined to get back to this properly when things have calmed down.

Jenny Craig - I'm coming to the end of a month's trial and I'm sure you can't have missed all my blog posts showing you what you actually get to eat. I was impressed with the quality and taste of the food, didn't feel hungry at all (which could also be the SlimPod effect) and was really chuffed to lose 3kg. I am getting bored of eating prepacked food all the time now though and it seems a bit lonely eating different food to everyone else all the time but it gives you great training on correct portion sizes and is ultra convenient. Don't forget that Jenny Craig are currently doing a half price offer on their 2-week package - check out the website at

Now, as promised, those SlimPod discount codes. The lovely Sandra from Thinking Slimmer has just revealed the following offers :

"Easter's a tough time for many people because the shops are crammed with Easter eggs and boxes of chocolates.

So I'm offering £5 off The Chocoholic Cure or £5 off Beat That Sweet Tooth, our latest Slimpod for anyone who has cravings for biscuits, sweets and cakes (even sugar in tea and coffee). You can buy both if you wish and save a tenner!

Just go to and click the blue Buy A Slimpod button. To save £5 on The Chocoholic Cure use the discount code EASTER5CDS for a CD purchase or EASTER5MP3 for an instant download purchase.

To save £5 on Beat That Sweet Tooth use the discount code SWEETTOOTH - please note this Slimpod is only available as an MP3 download, not on CD.

By the way, my Fitpod for a Fiver promotion is still available for a short while longer. You can buy our Get Back In The Swing Fitpod CD for just £5 (including first class delivery) by using the discount code SWINGSAVER.

Please feel free to tell your friends about our Easter offers, which will also be open to anyone who Likes our Thinking Slimmer Facebook page."

Sounds like the perfect time for saving pounds (money) and losing pounds (weight) !  

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  1. Food for thought (excuse the pun) about the pod thing,thanks,...

  2. i have to admt i didnt think the slimpod would work either so happy for all the good work you have done losing weight. I'm on the same mssion since xmas & managed 16lbs, its been hard!!
    emma x

  3. I need to lose a bit of weight (quite a bit actually!) but can't afford anything so I'm really trying to do it with willpower but it's really hard, in fact I am currently eating Rolo's while typing this!!


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