Sunday 25 March 2012

Want to avoid anti-histamines this hayfever season? Sterimar to the rescue !

As you may remember me telling you, I was a Sterimar Blogger Ambassador for the winter season, telling you all about using Sterimar for clearing out your kids' bogie noses and helping to keep colds at bay. Well, I was over the moon when I was asked to be one of a select few Sterimar Mums to get involved with lots of fun activity on their new Facebook page over the coming year. I'll be back to tell you all about it soon when it all goes live but in the meantime, I thought you might like to know that Sterimar is also great for relieving the symptoms of hayfever. It was an absolute Godsend when I was pregnant and couldn't take anti-histamines and as it's just seawater, you can spray it all over the place so it dampens down pollen - I used to squirt it all over my face and hair as well as up my nose to flush out the pollen and it was brilliant. It's also a fabulous drug-free alternative for kids of any ages who suffer from hayfever. But don't just take my word for it - here's what Sterimar have to say ! 


If you only buy one hay fever product this year, make it a natural one with Sterimar®

With almost half of Brits being allergy sufferers and nearly 26% of the population allergic to pollen, many are unable to enjoy the Great British summer as much as they’d like. Hay fever sufferers want products to help relieve their symptoms, so they don’t miss out on summer picnics, trips to the park to relax with friends or sitting in the garden in the sunshine. A product that can be used at the onset of hay fever symptoms, and once they have taken hold, is Stérimar® Isotonic Nasal Hygiene® a 100% natural sea-water nasal spray. Over two thirds of allergy sufferers say they would prefer to use an effective natural alternative for hay fever (72%), and that is why you should try Stérimar® Isotonic Nasal Hygiene® which is suitable for long term use.

Hay fever is characterized by symptoms such as itchy and/or watery eyes, a blocked or runny nose, sneezing, coughing and also wheezing. These are caused by the body’s allergic reaction to various pollens in the environment. These tiny particles are breathed into the nose where an immune reaction is triggered. Histamine is released and irritates the upper respiratory passages causing hay fever symptoms to take hold.

Stérimar® Isotonic Nasal Hygiene® is an effective sea-water nasal spray for allergy sufferers. The sea-water base solution clears and cleanses impurities and allergens away from your nose before they enter your body, working on the cause of the problem as well as on the symptoms. It also helps to rebalance nasal functions, allowing the nose to filter and trap the allergens effectively.

How to use
Stérimar Nasal Hygiene® allows you to breathe naturally and, when used on a regular basis, can help reduce the risk of allergic reactions and chronic conditions developing. Sterimar can be used as often as required, and is clinically proven to benefit sufferers of allergic rhinitis (hay fever is a seasonal type of allergic rhinitis that is caused by pollen). The makers of Sterimar, who have more than 40 years of expertise in the nose and its problems, recommend you use it in the morning and again in the evening to clear your nasal passages and filter allergens that will appear in the nose during the day. It’s best to use before and after you visit high allergen density areas such as parks and fields.

Stérimar Isotonic Nasal Hygiene® is extremely gentle and has no known side effects. It can be used on its own or with other medications as long and as often as required. You can develop hay fever at any age, and Sterimar® Isotonic is naturally safe for all the family, including babies from 3 months and pregnant women.

All varieties of Stérimar® are 100% natural, anti-histamine-free, steroid-free, and have no preservatives or additives. They are made from the cleanest sea-water from the French coast of Brittany and are tested to ensure purity. Minerals and trace elements like those found in sea-water are extremely important to maintain the body’s internal equilibrium, and Stérimar® works with the physiology of the nose to keep its defences in tip top condition.

Did you know…
Here are some handy hay fever facts so you can prepare yourself better before the season starts:
  • Grass pollen affects 95% of people with hay fever in the UK
  • Hay fever sufferers are three times more likely to develop asthma than non-sufferers
  • Pollen is released early in the morning and descends in the evening as the air cools
  • The pollen season travels northward at about five degrees longitude per week
  • Food allergies can also be caused by birth pollen that is present in foods such as raw apple, raw tomato, hazelnut and aniseed spices

Stérimar® is available in Boots and most pharmacies across the UK in 100ml (RRP £6.63) and a handy 50ml size (RRP £4.07) for when you are on the go.

For additional information, please visit

*** This is a sponsored - but nevertheless 100% honest - post. ***

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  1. may have to try this as i'm suffering already (blasted trees!) i'm on a daily antihistamine, and eye drops and a steroid nasel spray but i'm still suffering (what i'd be like without the drugs i dred to think!). If this helped clear some of what left it would be fab, trip out later i think!

  2. I have suffered for years and have annual rhinitis rather than seasonal, and I find during hayfever season a drop of vaseline in the nasal passages twice a day makes more difference than any prescription drug I have ever tried, but as a natural cleanser this may well be worth me trying. think i will have to hunt it down.
    people who dont suffer underestimate how miserable this condition can make you life, it is deliberating and makes you miserable and unable to function

    1. I reviewed Haymax on here too, which is very similar to the Vaseline method but less gunky !

  3. Thanks for this review. I have found it extremely useful as my son suffers very badly from hayfever and my little girl suffers from hayfever and rhinitis due to her being asthmatic. My little girl is on prescription medication constantly and during the hayfever season my son is also taking prescription medication. I will definitely be giving this a try to see if we can help treat their symptoms in a natural way.


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