Saturday 10 March 2012

Make your own fun bunny bunting – perfect for an Easter Egg hunt

Command Brand interior products has teamed up with Hazel Ball, owner of the home accessories website, Velvet Brown, to create some fun bunny bunting – perfect for an Easter Egg hunt. We have a bit of a tradition here for Madhouse Daddy Mike's birthday. The kids hide his presents all over the house and make up a treasure hunt with clues that he has to follow to find his gifts. They love it and so does he, so I think we may just have to give the bunny bunting a go too for Easter.


Top Tips for creating Bunny Bunting and Bunny Clues for an Easter Egg Hunt

1.  If you are not confident at drawing a bunny shape for your bunting try downloading a template from the internet – has a good selection.

2.  Don’t use very thick card for your bunting as you will need to be able to makes holes with a hole punch to thread the ribbon through.

3. Easter is a great excuse to go cute and pretty so choose lovely pastel shades for your bunting and clues such as pink, lilac, blue and cream. 

4. If you don’t have nice hand writing try printing your clues off from a computer.  This way you can use pretty fonts and if you have a colour printer you can colour co-ordinate your clues to tie in with your bunny colour theme.

5.  If you are concerned about hanging temporary decorations as you don’t want to mark your walls, I suggest using hooks from the Command™ Products range. Command™ Hooks will give you the flexibility to hang everything exactly where you want them to go and best of all you can easily remove them all after Easter without leaving any damage to your paintwork or walls. The Command™  Micro Hooks and Decorating Clips are particularly good for hanging lightweight items such as bunting and simple bunny card clues.

6.  Alternative ideas for your Easter Egg Hunt theme could be carrots made from orange card with some green felt for the leaves or chicks made from yellow card with some orange felt for a beak. Or why not alternate and try a combination of all three? 

7. Here are some of our ideas for clues:
“In the room where dinner is eaten. Behind the object that gives us light. What will you find?”
“In the room where cakes are made. In the object that keeps butter cold. What will you find?”

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  1. This is a cute idea!! Love it! x

  2. This is a cute idea!! Love it! x

  3. brilliant - must give this a go! @kathvbtn

  4. this looks great will definately be doing this

  5. gorgeous bunnies will be making these this easter :D

  6. I have downloaded a template and will be making bunny bunting with my four this weekend! I am really arty and always looking for new ideas. I spend a fortune on art and craft resources but this looks really simple! Like you, we always organise an Easter Egg Hunt but usually write our clues on egg shaped cards - I think we will be writing them on bunny shaped cards this year! Thank you !

  7. Creativity is always perfect for holiday season. Aside form the fact that you can have a unique stuffs you can also enjoy working on it.


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