Saturday 10 March 2012

Dove Maximum Protection anti-perspirant review

I've told you lots of times about being a Bzz Agent. In return for giving your honest opinion and helping to spread the word amongst your friends and colleagues, they send you free products to try out and, sometimes, share with your friends. I've had the opportunity of trying all sorts of things with them - Trend Micro Safe Sync, Lathams dog food, Activia yogurt, Dove Hair Therapy, Benecol, Chokablok ice cream, and many other campaigns back before I even had a blog. If you still haven't signed up, you need to head over here right now. If you are already a bzz agent, you may not have noticed that UK Bzz agents now have a lovely UK-based coordinator who you can follow on twitter @BzzAgentDen.

Anyway, back to the current campaign, this time for Dove Maximum Protection anti-perspirant. It's a product that I've never tried before but I have been a huge Dove fan ever since their advertising campaign showing that all women, whatever their age, size or physical appearance, are beautiful and that they use real women, not airbrushed models, in their ads. They have a whole section on their website (here) about real beauty and self-esteem issues for mums and daughters which is a fabulous place to go if you have a tween or teenaged daughter.

While awaiting the arrival of my Bzz kit, I read through the Bzz guide and was impressed at what I learnt. "Dove Maximum Protection provides scientifically proven protection against wetness and at the same time moisturises underarm skin with Dove 1/4 moisturising cream. What's more, it features a signature fragrance to leave you feeling clean, fresh, and beautiful, making it the ultimate combination of protection and care. But the best part? Dove Maximum Protection is 2x stronger than the leading anti-perspirant. Which means you have twice the protection against wetness and odour." 

 I have to admit, I usually prefer sprays to sticks or roll-ons because I always find the latter take too long to dry and end up sticking to your clothes and leaving marks on them. Well, the Dove anti-perspirant is neither - it's a totally unique creamy texture. This felt really strange at first - I had the impression I was applying moisturiser rather than anti-perspirant. You don't get the instant blast of cold freshness that you do with sprays but it did feel really soothing and, importantly, was absorbed really quickly into the skin.

 Also, Dove have a totally innovative approach to putting on anti-perspirant and suggest you put it on before going to bed for best results, promising that it will still be effective after taking a shower in the morning. Although this goes against decades of habit, I gave it a whirl and must admit that it did work. It also had the added bonus of me not standing around in my bra brushing my teeth while waiting for my armpits to dry so I could finish getting dressed and rush off to work ! I was concerned the cream would leave greasy marks on white clothing or white marks on the underarm of black tops but in fact it does neither.

It smells really nice - a discreet but very pleasant fragrance - and, all importantly, it really did do what it said on the label and kept me dry all day. You have to take a real leap of faith, firstly using a cream anti-perspirant and secondly putting it on before going to bed, which are both totally unlike any other deodorant or anti-perspirant that I've ever used, but Dove certainly seem to have come up with a winner. It's not cheap, costing over £5, but I would think there will be lots of discounts and offers in the shops so keep your eyes open.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £5.09

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  1. Ooh I have a sample of this lurking somewhere, I should get round to trying it! Great review :)

  2. Fab review and thanks for the mention :)


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