Thursday 22 March 2012

Dirt Devil Tempest (DCC070) cylinder vacuum cleaner review

A few weeks ago, I was very chuffed to learn that I'd been picked as one of ten Dirt Devil bloggers to roadtest their new Tempest (DCC070) cylinder vacuum cleaner. With two dogs, a rabbit and three under elevens traipsing dirt, dropping crumbs and leaving hair all over the place, it was going to be very easy to give it a thorough testing !

Although I know that this isn't the most important thing when looking for a new vacuum cleaner, it looks incredibly sleek and funky. We all thought the red colour was lovely and it is compact - smaller than our current vacuum cleaner which has a similar-sized dust container and certainly lighter, weighing just 6.5kg. It's easy to manoeuver and roll across the floor and the huge added bonus was that, because it was so new and funky-looking, Sophie was keen to give it a test. Now, I wasn't going to argue with that !!

It did a great job of picking up dust bunnies and balls of hair on the lino and tiled floors, which is always pretty easy, but I did notice that, due to the extremely powerful suction, it attracted the dirt from the surrounding area rather than me having to go chasing it. It also managed to pick up some of the heavier things like - ahem - rogue beads and marbles that haven't been put away and that - oops ! - I "may" have "accidentally" sucked up from behind the settee (and which the old vacuum cleaner used to spit back out, traitor) !

Where things usually get trickier is when moving onto the rugs in the kids' bedrooms where the dogs love to play. I always joke that the weave of the mat works like Velcro with the dogs fur so it is always totally covered in a topcoat of long white fur.

A lovely close up for you if that didn't already look manky enough in the top photo ! I always give them a good going over with the vacuum cleaner once a week but it's arm-breaking stuff, going back and forth across each little area several times and still not getting off all the fur.

Well, I'm not going to say a word - just look at the picture !

It's like a brand new rug and literally took seconds to clean ! All that time I've been wasting with the old vacuum cleaner ! The 2200 watts of motor power and 370 watts of air suction power mentioned on the box just sound like random numbers but when you actually see it in action, you can see what that translates into. It also has another secret ally for pet owners - a Turbo Brush specifically designed for picking up dog hair.

The little attachments for getting into nooks and crannies, such as down the sides of the armchairs or down the back of the bed, make picking up all the hard to reach dirt an absolute breeze because the intense suction power will suck up anything within the general surrounding area, even if you're not totally on top of it. This is already great news for anyone with allergies, but is further helped by the washable Hepa filter and Microban exhaust, which are standard features of all Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners.

 It's bagless (like my old one) and very easy to empty. It has a fully adjustable, telescopic tube which means that you can adapt it to the perfect height so that you don't have backache when hoovering, then simply and quickly push it back to the shortest length so that you can easily carry it down the stairs and put it away in the understairs cupboard. 

I was quite happy with my old vacuum cleaner until I tried this one, then I realised just how rubbish it had been for a long time. Spring cleaning suddenly seems a lot less daunting !

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £79.99

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  1. There is nothing wrong with a funky looking vacuum, the better it looks the more likely you (and others) are to want to use it - like a great smelling washing up liquid. Cleaning is fulfilling but anything they do to make it seem like fun is a bonus in my book. The old soft bag hoovers of yesteryear were incredibly miserable looking!

  2. fab review looks good and compact.

  3. Fantastic vacuum cleaner. What a great review to be chosen to do.

  4. definitely realised i need a new one now:( will have to work on OH i think, he will give in if i nag enough since mine has got a big hole in the tubing bit lol

  5. Have been looking for a new vacuum cleaner but there are so many on the market, it's tough to choose one! This brilliant review has finally made me decide and I will be going out to get one asap!

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. I think this looks really stylish, which is always top on the list for me.

  8. Thanks for the great review. I have four children, a dog, long haired cat and an indoor rabbit so you can imagine the amount of dirt and hairs that accumulate around my home. I think the worst dirt to vacuum is pet fur and hairs! The dog shakes and his hairs just fly everywhere, whereas the cats and rabbits fur seems to come out in clumps - clumps that are visible and seems to cling to the carpet!!! I have a Vax but it is years old. I cannot believe how quickly the collection funnel seems to fill! Just goes to show how much dirt is shed in my house!

  9. Great review i have a short haired dog and they seem to be the worst for molting and its a nightmare to try and get rid of it from the floor! Seriously might consider trading in my old Henry for one of these!!


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