Friday 9 March 2012

Want to give your pooch his five minutes of fame (and win prizes) ?

To celebrate the extraordinary and unique bond between a dog and its owner, Drontal – Britain’s favourite wormer - has launched the ‘Give Your Dog a Bone’ awards, a nationwide search for the country’s most loveable, heroic and entertaining canines with some fantastic prizes up for grabs!

Be it an amusing habit caught on camera, or the heroic story of a pet that has gone beyond the call of duty, the competition will honour the wonderfully unique qualities that make dogs so treasured by their owners. As a result, the competition awards, affectionately nicknamed ‘The Bonies’, will be awarded to the dogs that encapsulate the special union between owner and pet. 
The competition has launched to celebrate the introduction of new Drontal ‘Bone’, the only worming product in the shape of a bone, designed to help owners worm their dog more frequently.
Owners can enter their pooch into one of four categories, with the winning entry from each category judged by a public vote. Four runners-up prizes will also be awarded in each category.

The categories are:
  • The Bonies’ ‘Special Bond’ Award: This award celebrates the dogs that have formed a special bond with their owner. We are looking for stories and pictures of dogs that have helped a family member through a difficult time, working dogs that deserve recognition, or simply dogs that encapsulate the definition of ‘man’s best friend’.

  • Most entertaining video: From footage of dogs doing clever tricks, to funny moments accidently caught on camera or even your dog singing along to its favourite tune - if you have a video of your dog that makes you smile, we want to see it!

  • Most heroic pet: We are looking for your stories of dog bravery including heroic acts and extraordinary tales of survival.

  • Most loveable mutt: In this category, you can enter any picture that demonstrates why your dog is unique and lovable. It could be because you love dressing your pet up or just an adorable picture of your pet, we even want pictures of dogs that may not be the prettiest but who you wouldn’t change for the world!

Winners from each category will receive an exclusive ‘Bonie’ award for the mantelpiece, as well as a host of other prizes worth over £250, including a HD camcorder. Runners-up will each receive £25 of Marks & Spencer Vouchers as well as one year’s supply of Drontal.

An overall competition winner will be chosen by a panel of canine experts. In addition to receiving a category winner’s prize and an exclusive ‘Bonies’ award, the ‘Top Dog’ will also win a pet-friendly holiday worth £1000 for themselves and their owners.

Top dogs can enter via the competition website - – where owners can upload photos, videos and explain in under 100 words why they think their pet should win a ‘Bonies’ award.
Website visitors can vote for their favourite entry in each category of the competition. The closing date for entries is 31st May so there is plenty of time to submit your video, story or picture.

Give Your Dog a Bone has been brought to you by Drontal, the only wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs and cats. Drontal’s new dog-friendly, flavoured bone shape is the UK’s first worming product shaped like a bone and has been launched to help promote regular worming amongst owners. The tablet’s unique shape is designed to make it easier for responsible pet owners to take positive action and prompt them to worm their pet at least four times a year.

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