Tuesday 3 July 2012

Askey's Ice Cream Crazy Faces review

When the lovely people at Baking Mad asked if we'd like to try out a box of Askey's Crazy Faces for ice cream, I jumped at the chance. Let's face it - do you know any kids (apart from those who are dairy intolerant) who don't like ice cream ?! Certainly not those living at The Madhouse anyway !

The box contains twelve ice cream cones and two sheets of crazy face features made with edible rice paper. You can either use them to make specific animals (which is what the Madhouse Mini-testers chose to do) or let your imagination go wild and create jumbled up faces by mixing up the features, putting a frog mouth with panda eyes and a cat's ears for example !

Pierre loved his cat (especially as he managed to make it all by himself).

Juliette went for a panda, which she was very proud of, even if it was a bit lopsided (the ice cream was starting to melt so one eye was slipping !)

And Sophie made - erm - a dog maybe ?

With twelve in a box, it would a great product to bring out at a birthday party, although I'm sure the Madhouse Mini-testers will have no trouble at all polishing off the whole box over the summer ! We always like to finish off our Sunday roast with a special dessert, sometimes homemade fruit salad or crumble, but at the moment, all they want is "animal ice cream" for afters !!

We only had vanilla in the freezer but it would also be great fun matching the ice cream to the animal, using brown for a dog, pink for a pig and mint choc-chip for a frog ! Who needs the ice cream van ?!

star rating : 5/5

RRP : £2.09

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  1. Tried this on my son's birthday party. Brilliant. Kids absolutely loved it.

  2. given me a great idea for my little girls party will be going to shops to buy a box asap :) x

    1. aww that's great :) They're cheap too, which is always good news for parties because the budget tends to run away a bit !

  3. Fantastic idea. I will definitely look out for these.


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