Thursday 5 July 2012

Wahl Spirolls review

There was much excitement here at The Madhouse when a box of Wahl Spirolls arrived for us to review. Both of the girls excitedly begged me to make their hair curl so we settled down to read the instructions - scrap that, WATCH the instructions on the enclosed DVD. This is actually much better because you see in images exactly what they mean.

Inside the box, you get a carry case that you plug in to the mains to heat up containing 18 Spirolls in three different sizes. The instructions couldn't actually be simpler :

  • Heat the Spirolls for 10 minutes
  • Wind the Spirolls round 1 ½ inch section of hair
  • Clip on the shark fin clip and wait to cool
  • Unclip and remove from hair
  • Shake hair and style with products for your desired curl

I started off with Sophie's incredibly thick hair, which took all 18 of the Spirolls and I still couldn't fit it all in ! If you use too much hair at a time, it's impossible to fit the clip back over the Spiroll to hold it in place. Even when I did manage, a few of them sprung open and fell out so I had to roll them back up and secure them again.

You can roll them straight up or add in a few twists to jazz things up. In any case, the conical shape of the Spirolls means that some curls are tighter than others, giving it a much more natural and textured look.

This is before I teased out the curls - there are some corkscrew ringlets and some loose wavy curls. As this was a first attempt, it's all a bit haphazard but I'm sure, with practice, you could control it more and get exactly the look you desire.

Sophie was over the moon with her curly-girlie look !

Next up was Juliette with her poker-straight, very fine hair.

I managed to get all of her hair up in the Spirolls while only using about half of them. They stayed in her hair more easily too, because there was less volume wrapped around each Spiroll.

She was very impatient to discover her new look so luckily, it only takes a few minutes for the Spirolls to go cold, then they can be removed.

Juliette's hair stayed straight at the top but created much more definied curls on the lengths and gave her hair loads of volume.

Wow, goodbye Juliette, hello J-Lo-ette !

The results are really impressive, but sadly, they were also very short-lived. Within a couple of hours, the curls had all dropped out and their hair had gone back to normal. There are a few things I will try to combat this. Firstly, spraying each section of hair with hairspray before rolling it up. Secondly, working my little fingers a bit faster so that the Spirolls stay hotter for longer. Thirdly, leaving them in for slightly longer. until they're totally stone cold. If anyone else has any other tips, let me know !

I have already noticed a few bits of flock coming off from a few of the Spirolls, but only on very small areas where they have rubbed against the shark fin clips when I tried to attach them. This shouldn't affect the way they work because the flock covering is just there to help grip the hair more efficiently.

If you're looking for the ultimate festival hair this summer, Wahl have some advice to help you achieve the perfect look. They say : "The boho look is all about flowing wavy and understated hair and the Spirolls are the perfect way to add instant boho to the celebrity inspired look. Tumbling waves have made their mark on this season’s catwalks so you will be able to keep up with this modern look by teaming with a strict side parting and waves cascading from below the ears - adding the perfect balance to this super sweet trend." That sounds like what I did for the girls which just goes to show how simple it is !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £49.99

for more information :

Disclosure : We received some Spirolls in order to write an honest review. 

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  1. Lovely hair girls. I and my daughter both have very fine straight hair. While my son is after some straighteners, we could do with these.

  2. I read this review with great interest. My eldest daughter is obsessed with her hair and is always wanting more and more gadgets to style her hair with! I have never seen these before but will be looking out for them now, as she loves putting curls in her very long and very straight hair!

  3. These look good although they are the strangest looking rollers I have ever seen, the results look fab!

  4. My wife received these this morning and could't wait to try them out. Two of the rollers fell from her hand and hit the tile floor. Crash! Two broken roller on the first day. Seems they are quite brittle.

    1. Oh no ! :( Some of ours fell out but because they were unrolling slowly from the hair, I had time to catch them. I wouldn't have expected them to break though, they don't look like they should. I'd get in touch with them on their website if I were you and explain what happened. Maybe they'll be able to replace the broken ones.


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