Friday 6 July 2012

Recycle your old mobile phone and feed hungry kids !

Did you know that one million UK children are living with ‘food insecurity’ – not knowing where their next meal is coming from - and shockingly half of UK teachers report having to feed hungry children themselves?

Did you also know that recycling a single mobile can provide a child with nutritious meals for a month ?

Netmums have partnered up with Kids Company to try to encourage as many people as possible to donate an old mobile phone to their new Mobiles for Meals campaign.

 If you haven't got an old mobile to donate, you can also make an immediate donation of £5 by texting KIDS MEAL to 70700. A £5 SMS will be billed to your mobile account. (For more information contact 0845 644 6838)

There are an estimated 15 million unused mobiles in the UK, each one worth from £5 to £100+.  You can even recycle broken phones. Have a root around in your drawers and see what you can find !

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  1. As a housing benefits officer who also deals with Free school meals, I know this is a worth cause. Poverty is unfortunately rife and children are going hungry with free school meals being their only meal of the day

    1. Very sad and it's true that many people have old phones just kicking about in drawers going to waste so it's a great campaign :)

  2. great idea we have a few broken phones about the house


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