Friday 20 July 2012

Blogger Challenge : The Madhouse Girls get their OSiS Festival Style on!

You may remember, in our recent review of Wahl's Spirolls, I showed you how we'd funked up the girls' hair into a fabulous naturally curly-girlie look that had them (and everyone who knew them that we bumped into) totally wowed.

Juliette went from this poker-straight look to ...

... this very glam loose-curled look. The loose corkscrew curls and defined waves in the lower two-thirds of her hair look fab cascading down her back and the straight part at the roots just needs a couple of 80's-style Dayglo orange and fluorescent yellow hair slides to keep it in place.

Sophie's much thicker locks created a luscious mane of loose corkscrew curls and huge volume.

Both girls absolutely loved their funked-up, boho look. The only downside was that it didn't stay put and within a few short hours, all their lovely waves and curls had disappeared and they were back to having poker straight hair. Sad faces all round !

Well, we had the festival style all sorted, we were just lacking the staying power but having looked through the new and improved range of OSiS hair styling products, they have exactly what we need !

Their new CURL ME SOFT (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) sounds absolutely ideal. It's labelled as "a rich, velvety cream that gives curl control without stiffness or stickiness for incredible, natural looking bounce and smooth curl definition". What more could we ask for?!

If that doesn't give a strong enough hold, we could try out new GELASTIC (£11.05 / €13.00, 150ml) – a super firm flex gel which allows minutes of flexibility to mould your style before setting. That sounds perfect because it would give me time to roll in the Spirolls before setting the style into place. I'd need to tease out the curls a bit though, to give it a looser, more natural look.

Once we've got the waves and curls just the way we want them, I think they'd need a quick blast of IMPROVED FORMULATION FREEZE (£9.25 / €11.00, 300ml) – as the name suggests this hairspray instantly freezes hair, giving strong hold, control and protection from external influences. Their curls will outlive their energy at this rate !

And one final product for the perfect finishing touch. I love the sound of NEW SHINE DUSTER (£11.60/ €14.50, 15g) – an innovative shine powder that transforms into a creamy fluid when rubbed into hands leaving hair glossy and shimmering. That would be fabulous for smearing over the top, non curled part from the roots to the nape of the neck to give it a sleek, shimmery party look.

With this little lot to help us, it won't be tears before bedtime any more because their curls will still be there. Instead, they'll be happily squealing "OhSis, you look gorgeous" !!

Disclosure : This is our entry to the OSiS Blogger competition.

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