Monday 23 July 2012

New cash back site and App launches in August

For all you cashback fans and money-savers, this looks like it will be right up your street. I must admit, my initial reaction was "do we really need another cashback site?" but they're promising great things so it might be worth a look.


New cash back site and App launches in August transforming on-line shopping with unique technology and features the brand new money saving website and App is promising to provide its users with the biggest and best offers and cashback deals anywhere! 

Quidco and others should take notice, as Frootfal’s uniquely clever technology enables a host of super-useful functions that NO other site can provide. We believe this has the potential to tangibly transform on-line shopping.

The latest developments Frootfal’s made will provide users with the ultimate, seamless, one-stop on-line shopping service they’ve been seeking. 

Through the site and App, they will be able to do a cashback comparison, search locally or by country, search by brand name, product type and retail outlet too, whilst also enjoying member incentives and added levels of security – something that will encourage even those too nervous to buy on the internet to finally have a go.

Frootfal’s also teamed up with the World’s largest and most respected daily deal sourcing company to boost its offering even more. This means users will have access to an absolutely unbeatable database of the biggest and best money saving and cashback deals on just about every type of product and service under the sun.

And last but certainly not least, Frootfal’s being supported by Microsoft no less, who were so impressed with the concept and unique technology that development is underway for it to be available as a super handy Windows mobile App.

Complete operation as above will be launched in August, but people can sign up now.

Because Frootfal operates differently to any other money saving/cashback site, it’s worth explaining here how it works: 

Frootfal is actually an App that can be downloaded completely free of charge from the website. Once it’s installed, it remains hidden, monitoring browser’s search activity ‘behind the scenes’. 

Upon recognizing a search for a particular product or service, it instantly scans though Frootfal’s huge database of offers and deals, and if a match is found, flags this up as a popup. 

Should the person want to take advantage of the offer shown, they simply click on their chosen deal, and are taken straight to the company selling the product or service, to make the purchase directly from them.

This differs from cashback sites, which require you to actually go to their website home page, sign in, and search from there, or scan through the heaps of emails they send each day, many of which will be on items of no interest or relevance to the person receiving them.

There’s no need to go to the site to search once you have the app. Nor will you be hounded by ‘deal of the day’ emails.

By operating this way, Frootfal saves you time, and users can always be sure of getting the very best deal that’s right for them: from TV’s to tickets, high fashion to holidays. Money can be redeemed once the user’s cashback ‘kitty’ reaches £5. Frootfal won’t keep the first £5 as a management fee either.

Those already trialing the site said they thought of Frootfal as their very own personal shopper, saving AND making them money every day! 

To download the app from the website requires just an email and password which takes moments to set up, and is absolutely FREE, with no monthly or yearly charge, unlike other sites.

Sign up to> and give it a go – there’s no catch, and it’s 100% free. They’re looking for savvy on-line shoppers to use the site and give them feedback – so they can ensure their final offering meets your every ‘search and purch’ desire. 

Twitter - @FrootfalUK


  1. I am very curious about this site, thank you for your insight! We are all trying to save money and this sounds like it would take having to remember out of the process!

  2. Not sure about having to have a piece of software downloaded to use this cashback site - will look out for others reviews too once it's been going a while

  3. Sounds interesting - will take a look!


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