Saturday 7 July 2012

Club Penguin Sticker Album and Club Penguin Card-Jitsu review

I've told you all about Disney's online kids' game Club Penguin several times already on my blog, in particular when they promote their annual charity fund-raising and awareness campaigns such as Coins for Change and Earth Month. 10-year-old Sophie is the only one of the family who actually plays on there (and even she had drifted on to other things since her paid membership ran out and she was back to using a basic, free account) but all three of the Madhouse Mini-testers got very excited when we received some Club Penguin goodies to review.

They received a Club Penguin Panini sticker book each and we also got a few packs of their Card-Jitsu trading cards to discover. We got the Sticker Book Starter Pack, which contains the album along with three packs of stickers and retails at £1.99, as opposed to 50p for a pack of 5 stickers on their own.

Panini sticker albums are such a timeless classic - I used to love saving up my pocket money pennies to buy various collections of stickers when I was a kid, before swapping the doubles in the school playground. The Madhouse Mini-testers got equally excited about their Club Penguin ones, particularly when they realised that the album already comes with a double page of stickers stapled in which they could detach and stick in the correctly numbered gaps. For the younger two, it's actually a great way of testing their number recognition.

They all carefully opened their sticker packs, excitedly looking through to see who got the extra special glittery ones and who already had doubles to swap. It's a great rainy-day activity and kept them all quiet for quite some time !

The albums are brightly coloured and are packed with interesting facts and stories featuring the funny Disney penguins. There is enough space for 204 stickers, including 36 glitter stickers which go on a special pull-out poster in the central pages.

Some stickers - it seems to be one in each pack - have a special code on the backing paper (so make sure you don't throw them away too quickly !) which you can enter online to unlock rewards on Club Penguin. This is what tempted Sophie back to the game actually and she's been playing on there for a little while every day since (although admittedly, it's been raining and stormy so she hasn't wanted to go outside to play as much as usual). Some of the codes unlock coins and some unlock a Treasure Book where you can select the item of your choice - Sophie excitedly told me she'd "bought" a new Puffle and some clothes for her Penguin. (The code in the picture has already been redeemed, by the way !)

As well as the sticker albums, we received a few packs of Club Penguin Card-Jitsu trading cards, which remind me of the Pokemon cards that used to be all the rage. I opened one pack at random and it contained 4 trading cards (Festival of Flight, Guardian Dog, Captains and Fairy Princess), one shiny silver Power Card (Puffle Rescue : Ice Floes - when this is played, Fire Cards become Snowball for this round), a Customise Your Penguin card, a card with peel-off stickers to use with the Customise Your Penguin card and a Quick Play card that gives you a brief guide of how to play, with a code on the back to allow you to unlock further items online.

I haven't given these to Sophie yet but, as it's now the school holidays and it's still atrocious weather, I think I might be nice and give them to her next week. Get ready to plug your ears - you'll hear the excited squeal however far away you are !

If you have your own Club Penguin fan at home, I'll give you a sneaky heads-up about a giveaway here on my blog that you'll love next week. Watch this space !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : Sticker Album Starter Pack £1.99, pack of 5 stickers 50p, Card-Jitsu packs 99p each

for more information :

Disclosure : We received Club Penguin sticker albums and card-jitsu packs in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Thanks for the review. My children love club penguin so they'd love these stickers, but best of all the codes.

  2. my daughter loves collecting were forever filling up sticker books


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