Sunday 22 July 2012

Sunday weigh-in : week #10

STILL TO GO : 15kg

Well, after last week's triumphant "I'm not obese any more" blogpost, this week I put on 400g - aaggghhhh ! But that's OK, and to be honest, I was expecting it to be worse. 400g is nothing compared to what I've lost so it's just a blip - a mini one at that.

So do I know why? Well, yes, and I was quite expecting it ! It was Pierre's birthday so we had a visit from the grandparents with a big meal ending in a gooey chocolate birthday cake. Then on the day itself we had the Bakerdays cake to eat. Then I "had to" taste very high calorie chocolate and biscuits for a review (even if I only had a small piece of each). Then Madhouse Daddy Mike bought me - gasp - Ben & Jerry's ice cream when he did the shopping. It would have been rude to say no after he proudly presented it to me !

So I'm considering a tiny 400g gain as a victory !!

This is probably my last weekly weigh-in for a while actually. Next week, we'll be heading off to the airport for a fortnight in Tunisia. I'll try to eat lots of salads and fresh fruit but I'm on holiday and I want to sample the local delicacies at the buffet and take advantage of the free cocktails by the pool so I won't beat myself up if I come back with a couple of kilos "excess baggage" ! (Hopefully not too much though !)

And after that, we'll probably be visiting the in laws in Brittany and my parents in Hastings so I won't be able to check my weight with my normal scales. Whatever my weight come September, I won't be beating myself up - I'll just be jumping back on the healthy eating bandwagon with a fab loss behind me to boost me on.

Don't forget to check out diet buddies Jane at 7hippopotamus and @Morrighani who blogs at Ray Mears Extreme Housewifery to see how they did this week. If you'd like to join us, feel free to make yourselves known and we'll link through to your blogposts too.

Disclosure : I'm currently using a Thinking Slimmer SlimPod and a WeightWatchers Online subscription, in return for honest feedback. I also receive regular hampers of WeightWatchers products, and have also benefited from a one-month Jenny Craig trial.

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  1. As you say it's only a tiny gain, and we all have that sometimes. You've come so far now, this isn't going to set you back at all. Hope you have a lovely holiday Cheryl and I look forward to catching up when you get back. xx

  2. It's great that your honest about it all! Well done for losing as much as you have and don't worry about your little gain!

  3. Could be worse! Have a lovely holiday - it's perfectly possible to enjoy yourself without going mad food-wise. All things in moderation (including dieting!)

  4. I like to join! But I love chocolate!

    1. LOL That's OK, I'm still eating chocolate - just in smaller quantities ! :)

  5. You are doing fabulously :)

  6. Wow you are doing well! I am a Slimming World member and Wednesday gone I finally got my stone award :) Was so proud!!! I am off t Ibiza in just over 4 weeks and still have 2 stone to lose befre Ill be happy, but I am so chuffed to be going away over a stone lighter! Some weeks it's a real drag, but on the whole I lose much more than I gain so that can't be a bad thing! Keep up the good work. x

    1. Thanks, and well done you ! xx If you feel like joining in with our weekly weigh-ins, feel free to leave a comment here or on 7hippopotamus's blog and we'll add you to our recap :)

  7. You have done so well, I find it an absolute struggle to lose weight, I do quite well and then cave in and eat a load of junk

  8. You are doing so well. I really hope the Slim Pod brings me the same results!


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