Thursday 5 July 2012

Keep your kids amused with Art Attack

Art Attack is one of those programmes that everyone, adults, kids and toddlers alike, can watch and enjoy all together. We regularly watch it here at The Madhouse and ooh and aah at the clever ideas which are always brilliant for whiling away rainy days in the holidays. Here's details of the new series as well as a "how to" video to get you in the mood !


Art Attack is one of the UK’s best-loved children’s TV shows and is currently in its second series on Disney Junior UK with a fresh and colourful mix of do-it-yourself activities and creative ideas to spark imagination and creativity among kids.
The show’s brand new presenter Lloyd Warbey features in a new vodcast demonstrating step-by-step instructions for how to make your very own wooden imitated pirate sword (and pretend to be a pirate!) inspired by the hit Disney Junior animated series Jake and the Never Land Pirates, which follows three young pirates, leader Jake and friends Izzy and Cubby, on their adventures as they try to outwit the two infamous Disney characters, Captain Hook and Mr. Smee from Disney’s classic Peter Pan

Art Attack presenter, Lloyd Warbey comments: “I was a big fan of Art Attack growing up and used to watch the show with my family, and then try to recreate the makes. I’m thrilled that I can now be a part of the show’s heritage and hopefully inspire a new generation of children to think imaginatively and get creative.”
In the second series of Art Attack, the much-loved elements from series one such as the trademark Big Art Attacks return, as well as new Disney themed ‘makes’ and regular artistic segments including:
  • Main MakePresenter Lloyd Warbey will show viewers how to make a ‘big make’ involving more detail such as puppets and secret treasure boxes in different shapes.
  • Art TechniqueThis segment will describe a technique that kids can use to apply to pictures such as creating a wood effect on a sign or tree, using tape to create a curly head of hair or turning pictures into ‘spooky’ images.
  • Simple Art (Easy Makes) - Similar to Main Make, but simpler!  This segment demonstrates ‘makes’ which will involve fewer stages – a lot of fun ideas with basic steps to create.
The series will continue to be supported by its bespoke website, and exclusive video clips will also be streamed on Disney Junior’s You Tube channel.
Catch new episodes of Art Attack every weekend at 10.35am and new episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates every Friday 5.30pm, on Disney Junior. 

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  1. I didn't know it was still on. Used to love this as a child

  2. we watch this on citv every weekend

  3. Thanks for your article. I always encouraged my kids to paint and learn to sketch. Nowadays, most doctors also agree with it that this type of activity can make their IQ and brain sharper. I always make sure to order best art kits kids. As not all products are safe for kids so before buying we all should see if the product is suitable for the kids or not.


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