Monday 30 July 2012

Lilly's Eco Clean Concentrated Floor Cleaner review

I love the idea of green cleaning products, but they do also have to be efficient for them to be adopted here at The Madhouse. When I was given the choice of product in Lilly's Eco Clean range, I went for the Concentrated Floor Cleaner (and the Degreaser, which will be reviewed in another blogpost). With three kids and two dogs, our very pale grey flooring is always in a right state so I was keen to see if an environmenally-friendly product would be able to cope. 

I love the story of how the range came to be. Big Green Smile, who sent me through the samples, explain : "Lilly's Eco Clean products are a new range to Big Green Smile. After the owner Lilli Klint became ill, she decided to detoxify her life and created the concept of an eco-friendly contract cleaning business. She began to look for alternatives, searched out old recipes for cleaning agents derived from plant and vegetable-based materials. That led her to experiment with making her own cleaners for the business in her kitchen. They had to be effective and smell pleasant. She chose a range of delicious essential oils for her products, not only because they make the cleaning feel like a dance in a park, but also for their different antiseptic and antibacterial properties. The products include orange oil floor cleaner, eucalyptus spray cleaner, tea tree toilet cleaner and lemongrass degreaser and range from £2.49 to £8.90."

The list of advantages is quite lengthy :
-All Lilly's Eco Clean products are vegan and they are safe to use around animals. They also have:
  • NO colourings
  • NO synthetic perfumes or fragrances
  • NO enzymes
  • NO optical brighteners
  • NO bleach -only natural washing power & pure gentleness of Organic Aloe Vera Juice!

Right,time to get floor washing !  When I took the lid off and sniffed, there was a gorgeous natural orange smell. You can tell this is fragranced with real orange oil rather than synthetic fragrances. It's concentrated so you only need a small capful in a bucket of water. (I even treated myself to a brand new mop and bucket !)
Once it's diluted, it still smells delicately of oranges but I was disappointed to see that the smell totally disappeared once the floor had been cleaned and dried. I'm used to walking into a room after I've mopped the floor with my regular, non-green cleaner and having a lovely strong fragrance signal to the whole world (or at least Madhouse Daddy Mike when he gets home from work!) that the floor cleaner has been out.

The lack of fragrance is the only niggle though. It cut through the grime, including muddy pawprints, sticky handprints and spilt chocolate milk, with absolutely no effort and left the floor perfectly clean. I got the impression that it dried quicker than my usual product, but that could be down to the new mop too.

If the lovely orange fragrance was a bit stronger and lingered more after cleaning, it would have got 5/5 !

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £3.39 for 750ml

Disclosure : I received two Lilly's Eco Clean products from Big Green Smile in order to write honest reviews.

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  1. i love the idea of green cleaning but its ususally got a monster price tag

  2. Nice post,definitely will use it.

    I am using Floor Cleaning Liquid of Praras Biosciences Pvt Ltd from last 5 years.It is a highly effective cleaner that makes your cleaning job much easier.

  3. Thanks for the review! Lilly's Eco Clean Concentrated Floor Cleaner seems effective, but a stronger lingering fragrance would make it even better. Grateful for your insights.


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