Saturday 28 July 2012

Wagamama spicy chilli, coriander and ginger dressing review

The sunny weather is finally here - woohoo ! But it may not stay for very long so we're making the most of it and packing in as many barbecues and salads as possible. This has therefore been the perfect time for trying out the bottle of Wagamama Spicy Chilli, Coriander and Ginger Dressing that we were sent to review.

I knew that Wagamama was a Japanese-themed restaurant chain, but I've often wondered where the name came from. It always makes me think of WAGs and mammas so I have visions of footballers' wives pushing designer buggies in six inch stilettoes ! Well, the Wagamama website actually explains the meaning of the name : "In Japanese, wagamama means a 'naughty child'. Wilful and determined, the child that is said to be 'wagamama' demands constant attention and is unable to comprehend why its desires cannot be instantly gratified. This is clearly where our brand gets some of its cheekier elements!" Love it ! And it's a word I may have to start using  here at The Madhouse when tempers inevitably start to fray over the long summer holiday !!

Wagamama have launched two new dressings this summer (their very first, in fact) :

wagamama light soy house dressing 
"The result of an elegant balance of flavours, this classic combination of light soy sauce and rice wine vinegar has long been a favourite. The wagamama house dressing is exactly the same as that which is served in the restaurant and allows you to create authentic tasting food in a flash."

wagamama chilli, coriander and ginger dressing
"This aromatic and spicy dressing blends zingy red chilli, fragrant coriander and warming ginger to give a vibrant fresh taste. The unique recipe, taken straight from wagamama’s popular cookbook will pep up any mealtime - without the hard work of making your own from scratch."

The recipes have been created with the input of Wagamama's head chef, Ron Lento, and are in-keeping with the restaurant’s ethos of ‘positive eating, positive living’ so they are 100% natural and free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

The Spicy Chilli, Coriander and Ginger dressing is gorgeous. It's light, not overly oily and is packed with flavour so a little goes a long way. It's delicious drizzled over salad but I also used it for perking up some leftover roast chicken. I think this would also be a great way of making cooked vegetables more interesting, especially in stir-fries or Asian-themed dishes.

My only very slight niggle is the bottle - it doesn't have a pouring spout so it's hard to control if you just want to add a slight drizzle to your salad.

The new range of wagamama dressings is available at Sainbury’s, Asda and Booths.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £2.29 

Disclosure : I received a bottle of dressing in order to write an honest review.


  1. Wow the first 'food and drink' article I click on and the first product I see is going straight on the shopping list! The chilli, coriander and ginger sounds amazing and so easy compared to my homemade recipe which involves considerable toil in the kitchen!

  2. These sound ideal as dressings and dipping sauces for my veggie food and would save me a lot of time and hazzard of preparing the chillies myself.

    Love that they are 100% natural.

  3. The chilli, coriander and ginger sounds lovely, it's definitely something I would buy


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