Sunday, 2 December 2012

Getting the Christmas decorations up ... on the cheap !

Today, here at The Madhouse, as in many homes across the country (and indeed the world), we're all excited because we're decking the halls with boughs of holly and singing tra-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la ! Well, maybe not quite, but we are putting tinsel everywhere and putting up the tree. Every time we get the box of Christmas decorations up out of the garage, some of last year's decorations look a bit moth-eaten and need replacing. We haven't done this year's stock-take yet - we will be straight after lunch - but having seen the prices of these "save vs splurge" offerings from ASDA, a quick trip to the supermarket might be on the cards too ! I always think it's really cheeky when supermarkets totally copy higher priced items but it's great news for the pocket so I'm not complaining !


I love these cute squirrels and at that price, I may have to buy a couple and pretend they're Chip & Dale, the cheeky chipmunks that hide out in Mickey Mouse's tree !

These really do look very similar ... except the price tag ! 

You can never have too many baubles, I say - I might actually have to buy both of these as even the more expensive ones won't break the banks.

OK, here's a test - can you guess which is which ?! On the left, Marks & Spencer's version that costs £12 and on the right, the ASDA one that costs just £5. That may not sound a huge difference but if you have three kids like us, that soon mounts up.

I think these would make a lovely table decoration, nestling in some evergreen branches or holly leaves.

Awwww I'm looking forward to getting the tree up even more now !

If you want even cheaper Christmas decoration ideas, check out my home-made Hovis options in the links below - I never thought making decorations out of toast would work but they actually look really good !

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  1. Brilliant post! I personally preferred the Asda stocking before I saw it was cheaper! I love Splurge vs Save posts, and this was done really well :)

    Naomi xxx

  2. I think I'll have to pop into Asda as I love the little birds, just shows how you can get a great look but for less.

  3. I'm always on the look out for a bargain and Christmas can be such an expensive time of year. I also prefer the look of the cheaper Asda stocking to the more expensive one!


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