Thursday, 4 July 2013

Pyjama Pajama need your help to create a revolution in kids' pyjamas!

One of the children's clothing companies that I've discovered through this blog is Mini Wardrobe - you may remember our review of a funky blue Lego Ninjago hoodie that Pierre still absolutely loves. I was impressed by the designs but also the great quality of the clothes, so when an email dropped into my inbox with news of a new project that the founder of Mini Wardrobe is launching, my interest was piqued.

As the name suggests, Pyjama Pajama will focus on kids' pyjamas. The idea behind the brand is that sleepwear is the item of clothing that kids spend most of their time (in fact, half of their lives) in, but that it is often boring and uninspiring. Pyjama Pajama want to shake things up by creating comfortable, fashionable sleepwear with bright colours, interesting facts and eyecatching designs that kids and parents will love.

You can see the video that they have created to present the new brand here :

But here's the catch. They need £12,000 to get the project up and running - eeeek ! The good (not to mention rather exciting) news is that you can get behind them and help make this project a reality with a totally risk-free investment (from as little as £1) that will also get you some great incentives. 

For an "Early Bird Investment" of just £10, you'll get a pair of pyjamas of your choice at a massive discount of more than 50% off (because they will retail at £20-25 a pair). What's more, if you are not happy for any reason with the final designs, they will refund them in full without any exception. You can see full details of the project and other rewards offered at

£10 for a pair of pyjamas is already a great price, especially as I've seen the quality of the products on offer at Mini Wardrobe and can only suppose this new offshoot will be just as good. It's also really exciting to follow their progress and see every step they're getting closer to making this dream come true. So far, they have £760 pledged but hopefully that will shoot up as news of the project is spread.

They also have the idea of launching a Pyjama Pajama Party Plan Programme, allowing mums to sell the pyjamas directly to other mums, and want investors to vote on the designs that will be made, so they are really listening to and taking notice of their customers.

It looks like a really exciting idea and I love the designs so it would be great to see this get the necessary funding. Just a word of warning - the Early Bird Investor package (where you get a free pair of pyjamas in return for your £10 investment) is only available for the first 200 backers so don't hang around too long if you want to take advantage of the offer.

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