Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ticking things off my Summer To Do list with a little help from Vileda

Did you see my Summer Holiday To Do List that I posted last week? Well, I've washed the dogs and gave them a haircut, I've started tackling the paperwork ... I really couldn't put off the next item on the list any more. It was time to start giving the kitchen a thorough clean. Luckily, Vileda had sent me through a selection of their cleaning products to put through their paces so I was well equipped to tackle the job.

The first item I unpacked was the Vileda Extra Power which are basically big washing up sponges/scourers designed for removing stubborn dirt. The packaging does warn you that these shouldn't be used on delicate surfaces so you'll want to keep them well away from your non-stick frying pans but they did a great job at removing baked on cheese and burnt gravy from the washing up. The little plus point that Vileda have added is a unique 3D sealed surface which is designed to make them easier to keep clean. I hate all the little food particles that get stuck in your scourer after you've done the washing up because it seems really unhygienic so I was pleased to see that this feature did seem to work really well.

Staying on the washing up theme, I also replaced my slightly worn out and smelly washing up sponge with a shiny new Vileda Active Wave. These are All Purpose Non Scratch Scourers and they're recommended for use with Teflon products so they will remove dirt without taking all the non-stick off your frying pans. Perfect for the job.

Now, I have to admit, I had to have a good look at the packaging to work out what the next item was for ! It's a Vileda 1-2-Spray Mini and is actually quite clever. You fill the handle up with the cleaning product of your choice (or water, depending on what you want to tackle) and use it to clean anything from worktops and windows to doors and car windscreens.

The microfibre chenille pad is highly absorbent and did manage to get all the surfaces clean when I tried it. I wasn't quite so impressed by the windows because it did leave streaks, but that may be down to my choice of cleaning product rather than the product itself. Knowing that we have an 8-hour drive down to the in laws' and back next month, I might put this in the car so that we can clean off the windscreen as required (I'm always disgusted by the vast quantities of squashed insects that we pick up each time !). It's a handy piece of kit because it is always ready to use - you don't have to locate a cleaning product and a cloth when you want to clean something or mop up a spill so it's a real timesaver. The microfibre pad is also machine washable which is very handy.

Staying on the microfibre theme, I received a bright orange, 100% Microfibre Soft Dust Cloth. It's so soft and snuggly in fact that Pierre decided he wanted it to cuddle because it looked like Iggle Piggle's red blanket ! Much as this sounded like the ideal excuse for getting out of the dusting, I did want to put the "+40% more dust pick up" claim to the test so I had a go and was very impressed. Sorry Pierre, maybe next time !

On to the final item in the bag, these rather funky "Style" Dish Cloths which are (according to the packaging) highly absorbent, durable, flexible, long-lasting and great for washing up and wiping down surfaces. They can be washed by hand or in the machine which makes them good value and environmentally friendly.

I decided to give them a real baptism of fire and used them to clean up my yucky hob. They did a great job and I found them to be soft, absorbent and strong, even when I was rubbing away at grease spatter.

Well there you have it, another item to tick off on my To Do list ! Thanks for your help, Vileda !

for more information : www.vileda.co.uk

Disclosure : I received a selection of Vileda products, in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Love the look of the Vileda 1-2-spray pad - clever idea. I should follow your example and give the house a good 'summer clean' but I'm waiting for the heat to subside first. Can't waste the sun can we?


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