Wednesday 12 February 2014

Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath review

There was much excitement at The Madhouse this week when the postie dropped off a bottle of Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath to review. I couldn't help but laugh at just how excited the Mini-testers got, with both Juliette and Pierre jumping up and down squealing "can we have a bath right now ? Can we? Pleeeease Mum !" Well, I could hardly say no, could I ?! Juliette had some fun with the fridge magnets (that are stuck on the side of the washing machine just outside the bathroom) while the bath was running !

I was actually a bit taken aback at just how enthusiastic they were, especially given Pierre's reticence about getting his hair wet in the not too distant past - remember this ?! - but it turns out that they were very impressed by the fact that they already had a matching Nemo bath toy !

I squeezed some of the product under the running bath water where it made some lovely bubbles and filled the bathroom with a delicate fruity fragrance. The kids were a bit disappointed that it didn't change the colour of the water but they loved the mousse and the fragrance. Pierre decided to put some in his hair to make a soap mohican but as he had his hair cut recently, it didn't work very well !

Time to squeeze a bit on bathtime Dora's hair and give her a nice hairwash.

This worked better and created loads of lovely bubbles ! Hmm she seems to be tucking into a donut while being pampered - it's alright for some !

I'm always surprised at the weird and wonderful collection of toys that end up in the bath here at The Madhouse. Just in this random snapshot, I can see a big plastic fish, a toy fork, a car, a real sponge brought back from Turkey, a hairwashing jug and a Tree Fu Tom squizzle ! The Madhouse Mini-testers love keeping the empty bottles to play with in the bath and invariably have a row of empty tubs lined up on the side of the bath with "bubble cakes" made of soapy water to play with - oh well, it's cleaner than mud pies, I guess !

I eventually managed to convince the kids to get out of the bath, once the skin on their fingers had shrivelled up like prunes, and they put the Finding Nemo Soft & Gentle Bubbly Bath in pride of place on the side of the bath, "ready for next time" !

As a parent, I love the fact that it's suitable for all ages, right from newborns, and is dermatologically tested, hypo-allergenic and tear-free. It certainly isn't laughter-free though !

star rating 4.5/5

RRP : £2 for 300ml

available in Sainsbury's

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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  1. Children and many adults adore Nemo. So I can understand the children's excitement on seeing the product. Sounds great, as I love nice fruity scents /smells.

    Rachel Craig


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