Thursday 20 February 2014

Kids app review : Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies

Sverve recently got in touch and asked us to join in on a campaign for Sprite Kids trying out their Talking Anya Dress-up & Pet Puppies app. With a combination of half term and grey skies to deal with, this was perfect timing !

Anya is a cute little girl who invites you to play with her in a large number of interactive ways. You can touch her hair which makes her pout and say "don't mess up my hair!", tickle her tummy to have her erupt into fits of giggles, make her play the maracas, touch her feet to get her dancing the macarena (with funky disco lights if you like) or feed her strawberries or cupcakes. You can changer her clothes or hair (there are a few free options and others can be paid for).

Pierre's favourite is the bubbles game. Anya blows lots of bubbles and challenges you to pop as many as you can. As you can see, he took this very seriously and developed a very efficient double-fingered technique !

At one point, she sends her heart out to you and says "I love you" in a very cute voice. Pierre was mortified when he touched it and it broke in two because she burst into tears and declared "you hurt my feelings". Pierre threw down the app and stuck out his bottom lip himself at this point but I showed him that if we started again and he didn't break it this time, all would be right with the world again !

Other games can be unlocked, such as twirling a hula hoop, catching flowers and playing ball. You may have noticed that I haven't mentioned the puppies yet - these need to be unlocked too (presumably via in-app purchases), along with various cute fancy dress outfits.

Two other very cool functions are the recorder - when she gets her microphone out, she will record whatever you say to her and repeat it back to you in a high-pitched voice (I've found this to be a fabulous tool for stopping escalating tantrums - recording your toddler than playing it back in a funny voice usually ends in giggles rather than a continued meltdown !) - and the two player option which we haven't had a chance to try out yet. If you have two devices with the app installed, you can play games together such as throwing a beach ball from one app to the other - how cool is that ?!

It's a lovely app and one that has kept the kids amused for ages, even just using the free options. Given the name of the app, it would have been nice to have provided at least one puppy for free though, because the Madhouse Mini-testers were disappointed when they couldn't select any of them.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : free for the basic app, with in-app purchases available

Disclosure : This is a sponsored - but nevertheless 100% honest - post.

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  1. that looks really cute but I hate it when apps for kids are secretive about in-app purchases.

    1. I know what you mean, I'd rather pay a one-off fee and have everything unlocked. I've switched off all in-app purchases but I'm always paranoid about the kids managing anyway !


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