Friday, 8 May 2015

Bring The Quiet - Lynx have gone all grown-up ! (review)

I have fond memories of Lynx so I was intrigued to learn that they have had a bit of a makeover and gone all grown up. When I was a giggly teen, I regularly used to go to Superdrug in the town centre with my best friend and spray the Lynx Oriental tester on my sleeve because the smell reminded me of my first schoolgirl crush ! Then they went through a rebellious stage with tongue-in-cheek adverts that many deemed sexist and offensive, and now, they've gone in completely the opposite direction. The minimalist black packaging is understated, discreet and sober, a stark contrast to their previous image. As the new Lynx slogan says,  "Bring The Quiet" and "Welcome To The Quiet Side".

They promise a new subtle and refined fragrance and I was actually very impressed. In a blind test, I would have thought I was sniffing a high end perfume brand rather than Lynx. Reading the press release, it has been developed by iconic fragrance expert, Ann Gottlieb, creator of CK One. They explain that the new Lynx Black scent opens with fresh notes of Watermelon Ester, bergamot and frozen pear, evoking a sleek, sophisticated aroma. "Combined with fresh fruits and a blend of moss, cedar wood and patchouli, the complex, yet subtle fragrance lingers on the skin to provide a modern, masculine scent whilst retaining an energetic and youthful spirit." It's earthy, spicy and very grown-up ... it makes me think more of a distinguished, slightly older (40ish) man in a business suit, rather than a twenty-something party boy that the brandname would instantly bring to mind.

In a world that's louder than ever before, Lynx believes quiet confidence is the best way to get noticed, and is encouraging guys to embrace their own personal style. The collection includes a Body Spray, Anti-perspirant, Shampoo and Hair Clay so guys can stick to one fragrance for all their beauty needs.

My only very slight criticism is that they opted for white packaging for the Lynx Black Dry 48h anti-perspirant. If you have the whole range lined up on your bathroom shelf, it would look much sleeker if all of the products kept to the same black design.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : The Lynx Black range comprises of:
Lynx Black Compressed Body spray: 100ml, RRP £3.29 
Lynx Black Bodyspray: 150ml, RRP £3.29 
Lynx Black Body spray: 200ml, RRP £3.89 
Lynx Black Compressed Anti-Perspirant: 100ml, RRP £3.29
Lynx Black Anti-Perspirant: 150ml, RRP £3.29 
Lynx Black Anti-Perspirant: 200ml, RRP £3.89 
Lynx Black Shower Gel: 250ml, RRP £2.54 
Lynx Black Shower Gel: 400ml, RRP £3.05
Lynx Black Casual Clay Tin: RRP £4.29

for more information :

Disclosure : We received the products in order to write an honest review.

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