Tuesday, 12 May 2015

It's got to be yu! (review)

Living in a house with two Directioners (and all the accompanying posters, CDs and DVDs), Pierre frequently sings One Direction songs, including It's Gotta Be You. However, since discovering the fruity snacks brand Yu!, he could well be singing It's Gotta Be Yu! instead - he's gone mad for them, as have Sophie and Juliette. I'm a big fan too because the Fruit Chews may look and taste just like sweets but they don’t contain any added sugar, so they’re actually a great way of getting kids to eat more fruit and opt for a healthy snack when they want a sweet treat.

We started off with the standard Yu! Fruit Mini Chews which come in three flavours - strawberry ...

raspberry ...

and mango. All were declared delicious and they really do taste like sweets, despite being dried fruit, so they're high in fibre and count towards your five-a-day.

When we emptied out the Yogurt-Coated Mango Bites, all three of the Madhouse kids dissolved into giggles, saying that they looked like little teeth ! They do actually, but they still taste delicious - these ones ended up being the ultimate favourites.

Although the shaped fruit chews provoked a few squeals of delight when the kids discovered them too. You have the choice between stars ...

and also heart-shaped fruity snacks. They're delicious to nibble on - the individual snack sized bags are the perfect size for a kiddie (or grown up !) treat, but they'd also be great used in cakes or on top of cupcakes. They're lunchbox friendly too, as they're made of 100% fruit. They're also available in blueberry, apple and raisin flavours, as well as in bars, so I'll have to look out for those because we'll definitely be buying more of these !

star rating : 5/5

RRP :  Mini, Star & Heart-shaped chews £2 for 5 x 18g, Yogurt-Coated Fruit Pieces £2 for 5 x 25g

for more information : www.yuhealthysnacks.co.uk

Disclosure : We received the product in order to write an honest review.

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