Friday, 1 May 2015

#Kitchen Clearout roundup and May linkie

Here we are for the second #KitchenClearout monthly roundup and it was lovely to see some new people commenting and joining in. It's great to see what other people have lurking in their cupboards, firstly because it gives me ideas for using up some of my unloved ingredients and secondly, because it makes me feel better about what I have lurking in mine ! Speaking of which, do you remember the Oldest Spice competition I told you about ? I found some celery salt with a use by date of December 2000 which I thought was bad enough, but they've just announced the winners and some people had spices dating back to the 1970's ! In fact some were so old that they predated use by dates so they were disqualified !!

On to this month's roundup and I have to say, there are some real treasures lurking in our cupboards so it's definitely worth having a clear out !

I set the ball rolling with a rather crumbly Victoria Sponge using a jar of out of date jam with a use by date of July 2014 ! It looked perfect (the jam, not the cake !) and tasted very nice though, even if Mary Berry wouldn't have been impressed with the sponge because it wasn't light enough.

Alison from Dragons & Fairy Dust linked up these delicious-sounding Parmesan and Pancetta Scones - even better, I think I have pretty much everything I need in my kitchen already (apart from pancetta, but I'm sure I could use bacon instead at a pinch !)

Next up was a fishy dish involving a Brazilian Moqueca Capixaba meal kit - no, I have no idea how you pronounce it either !

Staying on the Brazilian theme, next was Kibe de Carne (Brazilian meatballs), which used up the end of a bag of couscous, and they were partnered with Spicy Cajun Wedges to use up another seasoning sachet for a #KitchenClearout double whammy !

The end of a pack of tortilla wraps became a delicious Honduran dish called Baleadas - an amazing exravaganza of flavours that we'll definitely be having again, even if it means buying more wraps !

Dragons & Fairydust's Ali was back with another family-friendly crowdpleaser called Panade - it sounds like the ultimate #KitchenClearout dish because it uses day old bread, onions, greens, cheese and anything else you fancy like sausages or other cooked meats. Perfect for using up the leftovers after the Sunday roast.

If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love these Caramel-Filled Chocolate Brownies from Caroline Makes, using up a tin of Carnation Caramel.

A jar of Mild Spiced Curry Sauce proved to be the perfect way to use up the leftovers after the Sunday roast.

Helen at Casa Costello has a healthy recipe (to balance out those brownies !) for Balsamic & Honey Chicken Salad - yum !

And last but not least - another salad recipe. I bit the bullet and used up a tin of "giant squid tentacle" (eeeek !) that I hid has been lurking in the cupboard. The Portuguese Squid Salad was actually better than I expected !

I love the way it's such an eclectic mix of recipes this month, exotic and traditional, sweet and savoury, healthy and indulgent - keep them coming ! I also love the fact that I can open my cupboards without having half a dozen tins and boxes falling out now !

Fancy joining in? Here's this month's linkie ... You can link up as many posts as you like, old or new - just add my badge to your blogpost somewhere please and add a link to the monthly linkie post (that's this one for this month).


  1. eeek to the giant squid tentacle, I am sure I don't have any of those in my cupboards. Great round up and will have to see what is lurking this month. Might check my spices

    1. Nor have I now, and I'm never likely to again !! I haven't even started on my spices yet !

  2. Great round-up! I did a couple of meals as well, but ran out of time, will try to post them this month. We're clearly a bunch of hoarders.

    1. We definitely are ! I'm pleased to be able to see the back of my tins and packet cupboard again ... but it won't last ! lol

  3. the Empanadas & Pebre Chileno look delicious and I find my children have a love of spicy foods when I least expect it -one day they want junk food and the next day they are interested in my chilli, when other days they can turn their noses up!!

  4. So hungry looking at this this morning!Thanks for joining in with Linked


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