Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mix Up the Magic for Play Date Fun ! #MagicSquaresPlaydates

BritMums have invited their bloggers to take part in a new challenge, all about mixing up the playtime fun, just Like Petits Filous has done with New Magic Squares. We received a voucher so that we could try some and they were a huge hit. The kids loved the flavours and the funky two-tone quadrant design, while I loved the fact that they contain both calcium and Vitamin D, which help build strong bones. Sounds like a win-win situation. The only slight problem was deciding whether to dip into each separate square, pile up a bit of both on the spoon or go wild and swirl them all together for a magic mixture ! Petits Filous Magic Squares are all about taking two complementary flavour experiences and mixing them together into one fun pot, and that sounds exactly like our play dates !

Educational scientific experiment to see what floats and what sinks or splishy-splashy fun?

Exciting or scary, discovering bugs?

Messy or artistic?

Hard work or exciting discoveries (looking for dinosaur bones) ?

The recycling bin or crafts supply store ?!

Frugal (making a fridge cake using up the odds and ends in the baking cupboard) or totally decadent? (How many different sprinkles on there ?!)

Pirates for girls or boys?

Getting fit or having fun?

Sleeping Tigers. The most exciting game ever or a parent's ploy to calm things down ?!

The Snowman Game. Willing audience participation or poor bloke getting roped in? Grandad or Mummy ?!

Crafting or cooking?

Ham and cucumber rolls or racing cars?

Healthy or fun?

5-a-day or I saw three ships?

Vanilla or Strawberry/Raspberry ?

Well, why choose ? I opt for all of the above for the perfect playdate !

Disclosure : This post is an entry for BritMums #MagicSquaresPlaydates Linky Challenge, sponsored by Petits Filous.

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  1. Great ideas and love your pictures. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part


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