Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Kids' app review : Toddler Farm Fun

This week, the Madhouse mini testers have been trying out a new kids' app called Toddler Farm Fun on the ipad. 

When you open the app, you have sixteen squares, each featuring a different animal, farm worker or piece of farm machinery. Tapping on the small picture opens up each activity.

You may have to shear a sheep, put a rabbit's ears back in place, milk a cow, put the wheels back on a tractor or - Pierre's favourite - swat a fly with a cow's tail. This changes a sad animal's face into a happy one, which is gratifying for a very young player.

Each activity is incredibly quick and simple - literally a case of tapping two or three times on the screen - so within five minutes, you will have exhausted the game's possibilities. If you have a very young child, they will love the repetitive nature of the game and will play over and over again (just like with electronic toys, that only have a very limited number of interactive buttons but that keep young kids amused for hours !).

As a "my first" app  for very young players (the app targets toddlers aged 2+), it's entertaining but for older players, they will get bored quickly. For the amount of content, the £2.49 price tag seems quite high to me, but it is a totally safe environment with no in app purchases or external links.

star rating : 3.5/5

RRP : £2.49

Disclosure : We received a download code in order to write an honest review.

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