Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Dry Ventures of ... Pierre and Juliette !

You may remember me telling you a few months ago about a free e-book launched by Aveeno with  popular children’s author Penelope Harper called The Dry- Ventures of Ellie & Eddie… Bye Bye Dry Skin. The second e-book in the series has just been launched and we received a copy in the post, along with a fabulous GoPro camera so that we could record and share our own Dry Ventures with you !

We took it to the park with us and I gave it to Juliette so that you can get a kid's eye view of running, jumping, swinging and sliding around a playground - it's quite nostalgic actually ! We even managed to fit in a quick bit of geocaching. Bonus point for your observation skills if you manage to spot the moment when Juliette bonks her head on the playground. (She's such a little star, she just said oww and carried on filming so you might not even notice !)

Once we got home, it was time for a bath then we settled down to read the new book, put on some lovely soothing Aveeno cream and try out the silly dance from the book - over to Pierre ! (Pierre would like me to point out that he is scratching his nose, not picking it ! And I've worked out why the Aveeno cream feels like the beach, after talking to Pierre - it's the feel of the cool, soft sand under your toes at the water's edge when you go paddling. Aha, makes more sense now !)

You can download both of the free e-books, and also find out more about the Aveeno brand, at

Disclosure :  I have been gifted the GoPro® camera by the AVEENO® brand to help create this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. Looks like fun in the park. We received this book, my girls love it.
    Thanks for linking #LetKidsBeKids

  2. ha ha ha even got some caching in, I like it

  3. Nice park.

    Rachel Craig


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