Sunday, 3 May 2015

Sunday weigh-in : Time lag !

Has anybody else noticed that you sometimes get a time lag with your weight going up or down ? Last week, I had an amazing week and I put on 500g. This week, it hasn't been anywhere near as spectacular but I lost the weight I put back on last week. Oh well, swings and roundabouts !

This week, I had a really bad idea. As it's the school holidays, I decided to introduce the Madhouse kids to the Wii Fit. My logic was sound - that way, I could fit in my three 30 minute runs and they could jog along for support or at least be entertained by watching me jiggle ! Well, they did at the start of the week and I was secretly quite chuffed to see that I outran a 5-year-old. But then they discovered the other games and have become obsessed with kung fu, golf, ski jumping and goodness knows what else so trying to get them off the games for 30 minutes to do my runs has become near on impossible. Oh well, we've been having fun together I guess !

Foodwise, I've been doing lots of baking which obviously involves nibbling and taste-testing, but I balanced things out with salad and even a couple of SlimFast shakes for lunch.

So this week, the scales said 85.8kg - back to the 85's so let's hope I stay here this time (or even better get down to the 84's).

Positives of the week

- Now that I have a new computer that doesn't keep cutting out, I can listen to the Slimpod again. And I've instantly stopped drinking diet coke ! I was drinking about three glasses a day. I think I had two glasses all week. Thanks Trevor !

- I'm also feeling more positive overall, which is down to the SlimPod again. Which makes me wonder, why did I ever stop listening to it? Just got complacent I suppose and thought I didn't need it anymore.

Current targets 

Last week's target : Keep to 3 x 30 minute runs. Start listening to the Slimpod again. (Only managed 1 run but did get in some long walks too. DONE for the Slimpod.)

This week's targets : I seem to be alternating losses and gains so let's go for another loss to break the cycle. Fit in two runs and some other Wii Fit games. Stop baking cakes! And stop finishing off the kids' plates - a bad habit that's vreeping back in.

Short-term targets 21kg to lose sounds a lot but breaking it down, aiming for 1kg a week, that's only about 5 months - plenty of time for heading off to Turkey in August !

first target, get my "weight to lose" badge down into the 40's (it's currently on 51lb) (done),
 second goal - get back to 85.9kg, my pre-xmas weight (done )
third goal : get my "kg lost" badge back into double figures 
fourth goal : get my "weight loss" badge higher than my "still to go" badge
fifth goal : get back into my (smallest) bright blue jeans comfortably
sixth goal : get back to 77kg - my lowest weight since my pregnancies

Longer-term targets :  Hit my target weight of 68kg. 

STILL TO GO : 16.9kg

Feel free to add your weightloss posts to my weekly linkie - it's great to see how everyone else has been getting on and give each other support and encouragement. You can even grab the linkie code and add it to your own blog if you like. :)

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  1. I have not found any logic to weight loss at all, like you say one week you will go up even though you have put in effort, next you will go down even though you put in less effort. Very frustrating - so easy to get complacent though, especially when everything is working!
    A lovely idea to get the kids working on Wii Fit with you - in theory! Hope you have managed to wrestle the remote off them for your own time! Good luck with this next week! Sim x

    1. We're getting in lots of big walks together instead now !

  2. Some great tips you are giving yourself it's always better to set a goal but to be realistic with that goal and say give yourself a good 6 months because your weight will go up and down and will become harder as you reach your target weight.

    1. Very true - but they say the slower you lose the weight, the more likely you are to keep it off so hopefully that's true :)

  3. It always seems so unfair but it does take time, I know I used to obsess over everything believing eating something bad would make my weight change in an instance but it's a much slower process. Just keep doing your best! Good Luck for this week!

    Sharon xx
    Beauty, Miscellany

    1. It's hard to see the results of your actions, good or bad, sometimes !

  4. Glad to see your scales caught up with you this week well done on a fab loss!!

    1. Thanks :) I have some swanky new scales too now ! lol

  5. Good luck, sounds like you're doing great. I've started listening to my slimpod again and have noticed a change already, I'm definitely drinking a lot more water #weightlosswednesday


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