Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Fancy giving Baby Yoga a try with your little one ?

Baby yoga, along with little swimmers, is something that I always wish I'd tried with the Madhouse kids when they were little. If you'd like to give it a go, Pampers have put together a really useful guide to get you started - it's almost enough to make me feel broody. (I said ALMOST !!)


Babies are born yoga masters! Their first big stretches and movements, at around three months, are a real milestone to cherish. Even whilst asleep, your baby is twisting him or herself into positions that would make the most advanced yoga experts jealous!

That’s why Pampers Premium Protection Active Fit, have stretchier sides than ordinary nappies as well as a unique extra absorbent layer that speeds away wetness from delicate skin, so your little one gets our best protection no matter how they bend, twist and turn. So whether it’s a ‘Downward Dog’ or a ‘Child Pose’, there’s no better nappy to help them perfect their moves.

Pampers, together with Baby Yoga expert, Sam Petter, have developed a new, natural baby yoga routine, with simple-to-follow stretches that you and your little one can have fun practicing at home. And with benefits including helping to improve sleep, digestion and reduce wind, you can enjoy a lovely bonding experience together that’s doing some good too.


1. Maintain eye contact to check your baby is happy
2. Never force the movements against your baby
3. Smile to reassure your baby.
4. Don’t try this when your baby is tired or hungry

MOVE 1 – Warm Up
Gently, but firmly stroke your baby down their body and limbs. Massage their feet in a clockwise direction with your thumbs.

MOVE 2 – Star
Either lying or sitting encourage your baby to hold your fingers - then guide their arms out to the side. Gently bring their legs out to each side too, then gently stretch and relax, like a big star. Bringing the opposite hand to foot across the body will aid footplay, and your baby’s awareness of their body. Stretch your arms and legs out wide too. Sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star to develop bonding and attachment. Remember never force your baby’s movements

MOVE 3 – Cycling
Hold onto your baby’s lower legs, and gently ‘cycle’ the legs into the abdomen. Start with the right leg. Go as fast as your baby is comfortable with

MOVE 4 – Rabbit
Place the palms of your hands on your baby’s soles, and allow them to push against you. Play footsie with your baby

MOVE 5 & 6 – Cat & Dog
Lay your baby over your legs. They may not enjoy tummy time at first, place a favourite toy on the floor as a distraction. Gently raise your thigh close to your baby’s head off the floor and lower it again. This is Cat. Raise the other thigh off the mat so your baby is in a downward position for Dog.

MOVE 7 – Fish
Roll your baby gently down your legs. For more confidence first roll your baby towards you maintaining eye contact before rolling away down to your feet

MOVE 8 – Mouse
Kneel over your baby, gently holding their arms and legs with gentle pressure. This is very calming and bonding.

MOVE 9 – Rainbow
Raindrops falling on your baby with light finger touch, then a rainbow comes out. Place your fingers in your baby’s arms and open the arms out to the side. Peepbo!!

MOVE 10 – Bee
Babies are very sensitive to touch and vibration. Humming on your baby’s abdomen or crown – this will be very calming and can act as a distraction when they are unhappy.

MOVE 11 – Relax
At last! time to relax together. This is a VERY important part of your baby yoga adventure. Make sure you take time to lie down together with no distractions. Try and extend this stage over time.

Still not sure ? Have a look at this ultra cute video.

Plus, Pampers is offering you the chance to win a free pack of Active Fit nappies when you share your precious pictures of your little one showing off their moves.

Visit or tweet @Pampers_UK and use #PampersBabyYoga to be in with the chance of winning a pack of new Pampers Active Fit. See for T&Cs.

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  1. Great idea! We didn't do this when I was a baby, but my mum did teach me some yoga positions from being a toddler, which I've always appreciated. We're going to have a blog post later this week with some non-fiction books for adults that we've found really useful, and that includes a great one for trigger-point massage you can do yourself to help heal aches and pains - I can drop you a tweet or something to let you know when it's up. xx


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