Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Keeping my cool with Sure Maximum Protection ! (review)

What makes you sweat? Soaring temperatures in the summer? Working out at the gym? Moments of stress? Well, whatever gets you feeling clammy in the armpit region, Sure Maximum Protection apparently have it covered ! They sent me through two of their newest variants to try out - Sport Strength (perfect for when I'm doing a 30-minute run on the Wii Fit !) and Stress Control - but the complete range also includes Clean Scent, Confidence, Sensitive Dry and Everyday Fresh.

It's a unique texture, coming out as a cream, but it doesn't feel at all greasy or wet when you apply it, which is what I feared. You can apply it in the morning but Sure recommend putting it on at night, so that it works as you sleep to provide wetness protection for the day ahead. Sure claim that it is 2x stronger than the leading antiperspirant but it is still mild enough to use every day. I was actually very impressed - it smells nice, feels nice (the moisturising cream feels lovely after you've showered and shaved under your arms, soothing the skin, rather than stinging like mad as with most deodorants !) and it is very effective against sweating. Apparently, it uses patented fragrance technology with odour-fighting microcapsules that dissolve when you sweat, keeping you fresh throughout the day.  The whole range has been endorsed by expert dermatologists. They both seem to work great as an every day deodorant, whichever type of sweat you are targetting.

Sure have also shared their top sweat-busting tips to help you keep your cool even at the peak of summer :

1) Put your Sure Maximum Protection on at night so it begins working before you’ve even begun your day
2) Keep a tin of dry shampoo in your bag for those hot commutes to work
3) Use waterproof makeup variants for longer lasting effects on hot days
4) Mix primer into your foundation before applying so make up stays put
5) Apply loose powder to your face to keep you shine-free

Do you have any others ?

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £4.90

Disclosure : I received the products in order to write an honest review.

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