Saturday, 9 May 2015

#KitchenClearout recipe : Piri Piri Chicken & Mediterranean Veg

I love it when I manage to put together a quick but tasty meal just by having a rummage in the fridge and using up things that are on their last legs ! I'd defrosted some chicken and the fridge revealed some slightly squishy courgettes and half a jar of roasted peppers (leftover from my Cheesy Spinach & Bacon Filo Pie). A quick bit of investigating in my tin of seasoning sachets and an idea started forming in my mind ...

Piri Piri Chicken & Mediterranean Veg, using this sachet of seasoning. The whole point of #KitchenClearout is using up what you have so I won't give you a precise recipe - just see what you have in the fridge ! Mushrooms, fresh peppers, aubergine, leeks and even potato wedges would all work too.

Heat some olive oil in a pan and cook the garlic and onions to release the flavours and soften them. Remove to a roasting tin and put some chicken thighs to brown in the same pan to soak up those lovely garlic and onion flavours.

Chop up the courgettes and toss in the garlic and onion. Throw in the roasted peppers.

Lay the chicken thighs on top.

Mix up the piri piri seasoning mix with water and pour into the roasting tin. Put in the oven for about 45 minutes until the chicken is perfectly cooked. Serve with rice. It's not actually very spicy at all so the whole family tucked in - I'd cooked the rest of the chicken separately just in case.

Fancy having a rummage in your kitchen cupboards, fridge, freezer or spice rack to see what needs using up? See what you can make with it then come and share on the #KitchenClearout linkie :)

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  1. May give something similar a try myself, sound nice.


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