Sunday 6 March 2011

Swarovski Crystal Clutch Bags from The Artful Bag

I don't usually get particularly enthusiastic about handbags. In fact until recently, I never even owned one. I made do with my big coat pockets and the hamster bags on the buggy (which are like a Tardis !). However, now that Pierre has moved on from the baby stage and I can safely go out for a few hours without a bulky bag full of nappies, wipes, changing mats and bottles of milk, I started looking around for a slightly less cumbersome bag.

I surprised myself by going "oooh !" when I looked at some of the bags on The Artful Bag's website. They're far too glamorous to be stuffed with toddler paraphernalia but would be the perfect finishing touch for a glitzy evening outfit.

Their website explains : " specialises in unique Swarovski crystal clutch bags. Each design makes a statement and each bag is infused with elements of sophistication and glamour." They list their specialities as "Unique and Beautiful Evening Bags, Beaded Handbags, Clutch Bags, Satin Clutch Bags, Diamond Bags and Crystal Purses" or "minaudière - definition- a woman's small handbag or jewelled case- often decorated with costly material, used for formal wear".

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves !

Now, admittedly, they wouldn't look right with my usual jeans and trainers combo, let alone survive being stroked and pulled about by three wide-eyed children, but can you get any more perfect bling than that ?!

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