Wednesday 23 March 2011

Byron Bay Bakehouse Butterbursts

Beyond the Bean - a company who sell everything you need to run a coffee shop except for coffee and coffee machines - recently sent me a lovely goodie box of products to try out, including the Sweetbird fruit smoothies that I reviewed here. Next up was a selection of Byron Bay Bakehouse Butterburst cookies - try saying that three times fast, especially with a mouthful of cookie !

I instantly loved the fact that these cookies look almost home-made. They're generously sized and seem really fresh. We tried out three flavours - Choc-Hazelnut, Citrus Lemon and Passionfruit. 

The girls instantly went for the Choc-Hazelnut ones, which they declared delicious, then said they tasted like the chocolate biscuits I made. *Proud Mummy moment !* I had a taste too and really liked them, although I was expecting them to be more chocolatey. The dominant flavour is hazelnut more than chocolate. Because of the word butterburst, I was expecting quite a heavy, almost greasy, buttery biscuit but they are actually very light and crisp.

We also tried the fruity cookies - Citrus Lemon and Passionfruit - both at the same time because once they are out of the packets, there is no way (except by smell or taste) of telling them apart ! They seem lighter than the choc-hazelnut ones, with a much more delicate flavour. I would actually have liked them (especially the lemon one) to have a stronger, more intense flavour because the taste is lovely but, especially if you're eating them alongside a drink, doesn't pack much of a punch. The Citrus Lemon cookie is delicately zesty and refreshing with a natural flavour. I was intrigued to try the passionfruit one because it's a flavour I have never tried and would never have thought of in a cookie, and it's very pleasant, despite me not being keen on fresh passionfruit. It's a sweet and almost floral flavour and I love the fact that it's so unusual and different that it seems very refined. A great one to bring out to impress the in laws !

We tried the individually wrapped cookie portions, each one containing two cookies, which was great for the girls to eat on the way home from school or, as they are designed, for you to snatch at the counter as you rush out of a coffee shop on the way back to work. It's also a great way to make sure you only eat a reasonable quantity if you're watching your weight and don't want to polish off a whole box of supermarket-bought biscuits !

I also received one Banoffee cookie which was bigger than all the others and that I secreted away in the cupboard to eat all by myself (just to avoid squabbling, you understand !). Wow ! It was totally delicious, indulgent and buttery. Definitely my favourite of the whole bunch and one that I will be looking out for again !

star rating : 4.5/5

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  1. Passionfruit is such an unusual biscuit flavour. All sound scrummy! @maisietoo

  2. mmmm citrus lemon cookie sounds yummy!


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