Wednesday 16 March 2011

UK Bathrooms

When I was asked if I'd like to review the website of UK Bathrooms, described as "a high-end bathroom supplier", my immediate reaction was hmm, that'll be expensive then. I was therefore pleasantly surprised to see the word "discounted" as soon as I arrived on the website. On their 'About Us' page, they explain that they are "proud to sell the best quality bathroom products at discounts of up to 35%". I was also intrigued to learn that their customers include "thousands of homes across the UK – and the House of Commons" ! On closer inspection, it's even more impressive than that, as they say : "We've supplied over 100,000 baths, showers, toilets and basins across the UK. We supply some businesses too – including the Royal Box bathrooms at the Leicester Square Odeon, as well as Lord's Cricket Ground, the House of Commons and the Old Bailey!". Blimey, if it's good enough for them, it has to be good enough for the average home !

So, on to the virtual retail therapy to see what's on offer. First stop, the bathroom suites. You can get a standard (or "entry level" as they say) bathroom suite for £348 (RRP £487.20 so a 29% discount). However, clicking through to the UKB Premier Select Suites, their lowest price is £264 so don't be put off by the word "Premier". There are bargains to be had !
For total luxury, you need to head to the Branded Suites section. I love the elegant curves of this Phoenix Complete Bathroom Suite 8 but I admit to being slightly perturbed by the description, which includes the expression "close couples WC". The mind boggles ! The price tag is £602, which isn't actually as bad as I would have thought for a branded suite, although the RRP is £842.80 which is more what I would have been expecting. It just goes to show, it pays to search out discounts online.

We don't actually need to change our entire bathroom (although I would love a new shower as our thermostat is stuck solid with limescale. That's fine most of the time when the temperature is about right but sometimes it's freezing cold or scalding hot and there's no way to change it !) so I was intrigued to see what they stocked in the bathroom accessories section of the website. As they say on all the home makeover TV shows, it's the finishing touches that make all the difference.

Oooh now the first thing I would add to my ideal bathroom is one of these towel radiators. It's not that cheap - £71, but the RRP is £109.30 - but just imagine, no more wet towels lying around on the bathroom floor after getting all the kids out of the bath. And - bliss ! - lovely snuggly warm towels waiting for you when you get out of the shower. Although I get the feeling it would end up being used as a laundry drier in our house for things that can't be tumbledried. Ho hum, back to my luxury bathroom dream ! Let's see what else catches my eye.

Oooh something else that sounds like the height of luxury and perfect for the ultimate bathroom - underfloor heating. Lovely warm floors under my tootsies as I brush my teeth - and that would help dry out the soggy bathmat when the kids have been splashing a bit too enthusiastically too !

This soap dispenser and tumbler combo caught my eye too. It looks very stylish but is importantly a mix of funky and functional. However, I have to admit, I couldn't personally justify shelling out the £93 on the price tag, even if the RRP is £124 !

It's a very easy website to navigate your way around and, whether you're looking for something specific or just browsing for ideas, it's simple to find things because you can hunt around by category, brand or price. The discounts do look quite impressive too, so if you want top quality bathroom goods and don't mind paying a bit extra, you should definitely have a look.

(sponsored - but nevertheless totally honest ! - post)

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