Saturday 12 March 2011

Free legal advice 24/7 online from Right Solicitor

I thought this looked like an interesting, not to mention very useful, service when the press release arrived in my inbox. I've just been to look at the website and - bearing in mind it's a weekend - there are currently 11 solicitors online waiting to answer your questions, they've answered 142 questions so far today and the average time to get a reply is 53 hours. I think that's pretty impressive, as it's all a free service. Read on for more information.



Do you have sleepless nights thinking about potential divorce proceedings? Are you one of the MILLIONS of people in the UK who fail to make a will - putting families and dependants at financial risk? Do you ever wish that a fairy godmother could appear and give you some quick legal advice? Well, look no further - Right Solicitor (, a new online legal service, has hit the UK, offering free legal advice 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Legal fees can be a huge financial burden so this unique service softens the blow by helping you with the initial selection process. Forget phone book trawling and costly appointments that come to nothing – you can be anonymous from the comfort of your own sofa, your desk at work or even your laptop on your everyday commute. It could not be easier. Log your query online and Right Solicitor does all the work for you using the latest technology in matching you with a recommended solicitor in your area.

So in these time-poor, tough economic times, if you have any sort of burning legal question, this is the answer, at the click of a mouse. All of the site’s carefully selected legal advisers[1] will respond within 60 minutes and have a minimum of 3 years’ experience so you are guaranteed an excellent level of experience. You will qualify for at least a 15-minute free consultation either by phone or in person, enabling you to ascertain whether or not you do need to take things further - and privacy is 100% guaranteed.

CEO Paul Careless, set up the innovative service and explains: “We are answering over 500 queries per day at the moment on Right Solicitor and we will be rolling out 12 other online platforms over the next 15 months. We wanted to help provide speedy advice for questions that many people have but that don’t always require the full legal service. This is the future of seeking professional advice as we know it.”

So thanks to Right Solicitor there’s no excuse now to putting a stop to your lifestyle concerns – professionals are at hand to guide you through the process, with no hefty bills on the horizon.

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  1. hi i have been harrased for the past 3-4 years at my address i have experianced all kinds of attacks on my property from rocks being thrown at my glass conservetory glass jars filled with original fillings bottles wrapped in tape to cause maximum damage my car has been damaged ect. i was advised to install cameras which yesturday recorded further hassasment i have telephoned the police who said they were unable to send an officer to my address as the neighbourhood team was not back until tuesday. however as the last attacks could have been fatal i was unable to sleep last night due to suspected, further attacks during the night which is causing greate anxiety please could you advise kind regards mrs peters

  2. Sorry, I can't help you, I'm just a humble blogger ! You need to click through to the website mentioned in my blogpost. Hope they can help you !

  3. Me and my husband were recently in an auto accident May 26th of this year. He had suffered a very bad concusion and every day since then he has massive headaches to where he can't function. He was knocked out for about 5 minutes and had no idea who he was or anything when he finally came to. He has since been off work since then. He had to follow up with a neurologist. When he went there, the doctor basically told him the reason for his headaches are because he drinks "too much caffine". REALLY? He has not changed his habits at all since this wreck. The nurse there told him he could return to work on June 20th of this month, but if he felt like he needed more time off he could have it just to let her know. Well he went back to work on the 20th. Then he went on the 21st and was sent home early due to his headaches he was getting (especially there at work because of all the loud noise). He then went back to the doctors but he wasn't in. The nurse told him she had an excuse for him and to let her know when he felt like he could return to work. My husband has been calling over there for 2 weeks and no one will return our phone calls. He's left messages after messages. I finally called today and the secretary then began to tell me the doctor "changed his mind" and said he wasn't signing the excuse the nurse HAD ALREADY TOLD HIM he had because he doesn't think my husbands headaches are what he makes them out to be. I then had it out with her on the phone. She told me that my husband didn't give them a copy of his insurance card (which doesn't matter because our car insurance are covering medical bills) and that was another reason why he couldn't have his excuse he was told he was getting. How is this fair?

  4. i was driving , police pull me over , and give me a fixed penalty and 3 points on the licence , but i give my friends name . now if i go to tell the truth what will happen

  5. tree was trimmed by the city ,cut all from one side the other side is full ,this has caused a danger of falling on my house,should they have to trim the tree properly?

  6. click through on the link and ask them !

  7. i have a final worning from dvla and i have rang them to tell them that i have not had the bike for about a year as the bike was stolen and the cops had tolled them this when it happend i have asked for them not to place a fine as thy have said i need to send a letter with i dont have a problem with its just thy have said if the letter dont reach them before the fine is sent then i still have to pay is this right or can i take them to court

  8. "Hi I just want to knw am I eligible to apply for indefinite, basically my paternal uncle is soo ill,he got no kidz and he recently got divorced in this case what we can do.I am as a student in this country and my visa will expire next February."

  9. You'll need to ask them, not me !

  10. Replies
    1. Did you read the blogpost? I've blogged about a helpline in case it helps others but it's absolutely nothing to do with me

  11. This a really long story, so i will try and keep it as brief as possible! Basically i need some advice about a ‘dowry agreement’. I got Married In Bangladesh in 2003, my spouse came to the UK, I sorted out all his paper work and he eventually got indefinite leave. 5 Years ago, we separated, and last year he filed for divorce under the 5 year separation rule, this has all gone though and I now have my decree absolute (I had to pay, he go legal aid!).

    We have a 6 year old daughter, I have never claimed any maintenance from him. Whilst we were together i suffered domestic abuse, and I supported him financially (i worked full time, he worked cash in hand at a local restaurant) – I tried to report him to the DwP for this, but not sure if anything was ever done, I know he is still doing this.

    When we Married in Bangladesh as part of the wedding ceremony he agreed to a ‘dowry’ of £10,000. I have him agreeing to this on dvd, he has signed the documents, I have a copy of the document which was translated by the Law Society in Bangladesh and Endorsed by the Foreign office, I also have a document which states that it this document can be applied in a court of Law in Bangladesh should I ever wish to claim it. Also when he left (I was pregnant) he took with him all our savings (which was between £8 and £10,000) – Stupidly the account with these savings was in his name only!

    I would like to know if I can claim this in the UK as it is similar to a legal contract, if I can claim it how would I go about doing this? I am based in Huddersfield so anyone local to me that can offer me any assistance would be great!

  12. I have been with my partner for 6 years a child is involver but he never sees her and he pays sa. How much does it cost and how do we get divorced from her

  13. I broke my lease. By having another person living with me. The kids dad. I did not try to hide it, all provable through text. They said we had to get out in 10 days and didn't get me a date or let me know anything other than that. Which I was in the middle of packing to get out I didn't fight it. I knew I messed up no matter how much of an inconvenience the time frame was. They said they would add him to a new lease. We declined because we didn't want to pay that much for a 700sf apartment. that all happened on Saturday. Monday morning they filing against us. Court paper said we had to pay full amount 1,500 by Oct 11 by 5pm. I We said we would be willing to pay them $275 every two until debt is paid they said no they cant work with me and would see me in court. What are my rights? Also I haven't ever paid late in rent. Maybe by a couple weeks which they were always aware of and had no problem with.

    1. OK, is anybody actually reading the blogpost or just the title ?! Go to the website I told you about - it's nothing to do with me !


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