Wednesday 2 March 2011

Tefal Actifry Doesn't Just Do Chips ! - Chicken & Pineapple

Well, the Tefal Actifry is getting a thorough roadtesting this week ! I've been trying out some of the recipes in the little booklet that comes with it to see just how versatile it is, and I have to say I've been incredibly impressed. After the obvious choice, starting off with their trademark almost oil-free chips, we very successfully tried chilli con carne earlier in the week and yesterday gave their Chicken with Pineapple recipe a go.

As I mentioned in my earlier review, I love the fact that the Actifry is a relatively safe piece of equipment for young cooks to use. The metal tin part does get hot so you do need to be careful but there are no flames or red hot rings to burn yourself on, and no boiling pans for little fingers to pull down. As it automatically turns itself off when you open the lid, I even let 9-year-old Sophie make dinner almost single-handedly last night (under my supervision, I hasten to add) which made her feel very proud ! Here you can see her pouring in the chicken pieces that she'd just covered in spiced cornflour.

As always, I did tweak the recipe a bit. I used Turkish chicken spice (a holiday souvenir !) in place of ginger and curry and omitted the soy sauce. I also threw some cashew nuts in at the end to add some crunch. The girls absolutely wolfed it down and asked for more ! I found the chicken to be much juicier and softer than usual when I cook this in a frying pan on the hob - maybe because it cooks so much quicker ?

Another resounding success ! Hmmm what shall we try next ? Any other Actifry users got any recipes you can recommend ?!

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