Saturday 12 March 2011

Palmolive Authentics Liquid Handwash Range

Last year, I reviewed a selection of Palmolive products, including their aromatherapy bubble bath and shower gels, their luscious Nutra.Fruit shower cremes and their deodorants, and every time I was very impressed with the gorgeous fragrances they used. I therefore had high expectations when they sent me their new Authentics liquid handwash range to put through its paces.

First off, before even getting anyway near the handwash itself, I loved the elegant and rather old-fashioned looking packaging. We put one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom and they look very posh on the sinks in both rooms. The labels and the pretty colours of the liquids through the transparent bottles give you a first impression of luxury and high quality.

The handwash comes in two varieties, each offering not only its own fragrance but also mood-enhancing properties. Palmolive's range of Aromatherapy bath and shower products really do help me to unwind after a long day at work so I was really hoping to find a product that would offer the same stress-busting benefits every time I washed my hands.

The first variety - the green one - is Bergamot and Verbena, labelled as Refreshing & Aromatic. Palmolive say : "Treat yourself to an instant mood boost with the refreshing Bergamot and Verbena handwash, infused with zesty bergamot oil from Southern Italy and verbena extract." The second fragrance - Lavender & Chamomile –  is said to be Caring & Aromatic. According to the blurb, "Experience the scent of a country garden with Palmolive’s caring Lavender and Chamomile handwash, infused with soothing natural lavender oil from Provence and chamomile extract."

The fragrances are gorgeous and do indeed seem uplifting, but as would be expected, this effect lasts for much less time than if you have a bath or shower with the Aromatherapy bath foam and shower gel. You can really tell that the handwash is made using natural ingredients and the lovely scent lingers on your hands after you've washed them. Given the number of times I have to wash my hands in the course of a day, it's a very welcome addition to my home.

star rating : 4.5/5

RRP : £1.99 for 250ml

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  1. Hand washes like these are so much better than your basic ones. Have great long lasting smell and softer on your hands!

  2. I too love the packaging, very classy no offence to Palmolive but I would never have expected such nice packaging from them.

    top marks!


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