Friday 4 March 2011

Rimmel London VIP Review : The Max Bold Curves Mascara

As I mentioned in my previous review about their new 25-hour foundation, I'm lucky enough to be a Rimmel VIP which means they send me some of their lovely products for me to try out and blog about. The latest delivery was their The Max Bold Curves Mascara.

So much has been done to mascaras in the past few years that I always think every possible tweak must have been tried now - just what else can the experts come up with to improve on what's already been done ? Well, Rimmel's latest take is that it's their "biggest curvaceous brush ever for the most dramatic lashes!"

The funky lime-green tube does seem bigger and wider than most other mascaras so it screams curvaceous and voluptuous before you even unscrew the lid. I have to admit, I'm actually paranoid about putting it in my handbag after a friend did a double-take and said she'd thought it was a sextoy when she first saw it !!!

When you screw off the cap and pull out the wand, you can see that Rimmel weren't joking - it is a considerably larger brush with a more pronounced curve. Now, I did all my teenage make-up lessons back in the days when mascara wands were small and straight so I have to admit, I'm never really sure which way the curve is supposed to face !

The brush is so big and the bristles so long that it's slightly daunting when you bring it up to your eye for the first time, but it goes on very easily. The bristles are ever so slightly scratchy so go easy and try not to poke yourself in the eye, it'll hurt !

The Max is a bit like a Wonderbra for your eyelashes - it lifts them up, gives them great curves and definition and real wow-factor. However, you have to have something for it to work with and I don't think this would work so well on really short lashes. There were a few clumps on the brush itself but they were easy to wipe back into the tube before applying and my lashes looked separated, not all stuck together. Rimmel promise 14x more volume and 70% more lift and, although that's almost impossible to measure yourself, it sounds realistic in view of the results.

Knowing that I had received fake eyelashes to review, my husband actually thought that I had put those on when he saw me after I'd applied two coats ! And for a man to notice, it has to be good ! For a more natural look, I prefer to use just one coat but for some real oomph for a night out, you could go for two.

star rating : 4/5

RRP : £6.69

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  1. It sounds fab! So nice to know that there is a mascara out there that actually does what it says it's going to do :)

  2. Wow that sounds good, was just looking for some things to buy my sister for her birthday so shall add this to the list!

  3. I like and I use Rimmel products-reasonable price and good quality

  4. I'm always buying the latest make-up products in the hope they will make me look beautiful like the odels in the mags and on tv. I havent tried this mascara though - I've brown hair (naturally) but it is died blond - BUT - what I dont understand is why I have such minimal light brown eye lashes and eye brows???? Shouldnt they be dark brown too!!!!???? Without mascara I look 'tired' (everyone alway say this when I have none on!). If I was only allowed one item of makeup to wear it would have to be mascara!

  5. I totally agree. Mascara is definitely the one thing that makes the most difference, if I literally have seconds before rushing out of the door (ie most days !)


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